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Enough is Enough!

Two most excellent comments left in the comments section of this post by Ace at Ace of Spades HQ: Dede’s Farewell

My belief here was shaped by 1964. For years, the liberal Republican establishment had demanded that conservatives support them in the name of party unity. When Goldwater won the nomination, the Rockefellers, the Keatings, the Cases and the like refused to help in any way. Liberal Republicans have no loyalty to the GOP and when they’re caught in a backroom deal that promotes the Democratic agenda they piously claim “principle”. Then, like turncoats from John Lindsay to Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter, show their real colors by joining the Democrats.

Enough is enough.

So long as conservatives keep supporting Democrats who call themselves Republicans, the party establishment will move in that direction. Party pros usually like big government. It gives the more goodies with which to bribe voters. They like winning regardless of the winner’s commitment to anything. They will spend money to elect people who have no beliefs except reelection. When a principled candidate runs, they will savage him ( or her ) as they did Goldwater.

Will a conservative revolt lose GOP seats? Maybe. But the Kossack revolt really damaged the Democrats, didn’t it? I would rather not depend on the Arlen Specters of the political world for votes in Congress. I have been a loyal Republican for many years and have voted for some fairly liberal GOP candidates when it was the best chance to win. They have, when the chips were down, behaved like the 1964 GOP establishment.

Enough is enough.

I will never vote for a Democrat. That party is dedicated to principles that I believe damage the country. But I will not vote for or contribute to any more RINOs. If that means a Democrats wins then so be it. If the GOP doesn’t stand for anything, it will go the way of the Whigs. That would be too bad, but it is not the worst result.

I see your point and I respect it. But I cannot agree.

Posted by: Ken Hahn at October 31, 2009 06:31 PM

You know, modern American politics began with FDR. The Dem vs Republican paradigm we live in today started when the Dems became a social democratic party back then. Since then, we’ve had three elections where the GOP candidates ran as hardcore conservatives. Goldwater got crushed, Reagan crushed both times. Bush ran as Reagan 2.0, then got kicked out when he went for a gun ban and tax hikes.

I get sick of the moderates who don’t realize that the even the rank and file of Democrats think they believe in liberty and the free market. Look at how they’re selling healthcare. The public option is being sold as a competition booster. People want choice, they want freedom, they want the right to make their own decisions and keep the money they make. Back in 1964 Goldwater warned of government out of control. Only 40% of the electorate agreed with him, and with the actor from California giving speeches in support of him. 16 years later that same actor got 60% of the country to follow him because people realized that the government was out of control. It still is, and people still get that. It’s just no one has run on that message in 25 years. Why do you think everyone hates politicians, why do you think everyone has no faith in the political process? Because no one stands there and cries “Freedom!”. This stupid, stupid, decision to play by the Democrat’s rules infuriates me. Damn it, look at healthcare. The message in the GOP leadership is that we can’t afford it and that it won’t work. This is true, and is an important part of the argument, but it’s still playing on their field, fighting on ground of their choosing. The federal government has no right to run my healthcare, they do not have the power granted to them by the US Constitution. Both parties threw out that document a while back I guess.

Ace, you don’t get it. I’m not with the GOP to see how many (R-__) we can see on CSPAN. I’m with the GOP because I want them to restore liberty to this country. I’m with them because I need someone to slay the Hyrda of the federal government. Because Reagan said it 45 years ago: “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

This is a fight for my children and grandchildren. I’m not free, not the way I want to be free. The feds take my money, property rights are a joke, free speech is nonexistent because when these rights are infringed at all then they do not exist at all. The feds letting me keep 70% of my money does not count as being free. The feds allowing me to say what I want except within 1 mile of the President, or them letting me keep my property unless they can get more revenue out of it with someone else owning means I am not free.

The GOP has spent twenty years backing up, redrawing the line in the sand and puffing up and talking the talk. No more. Defeat socialism or perish, live free or die. Embracing 80% of the Dem wishlist means you are useless to me and my goals. The choice between handcuffs and a GPS ankle bracelet is a false choice.

If the moderates are right, if Americans really are ready for socialism, then let them have it. I will weep and mourn the loss of the shining city on a hill. Then I will fight for its restoration, yes, with the sword if necessary, because my rights are not abridged by majority vote. I don’t care if a majority votes itself my wallet and my property and my freedom. Damn them, and damn those who enabled them. My life, my fortune, and my sacred honor is pledged to the defense of the Republic and not to the Republican Party.

Posted by: Britt at October 31, 2009 06:33 PM

October 31, 2009 , 6:42PM - Posted by | Conservatism, Republicans

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