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“Republican” Has Absolutely No Meaning Whatsoever Anymore

43 Now if we could magically transplant this race to Westchester County, NY or parts of LI, Dede wold be a reasonable Republican candidate and Hoffman would be a disastrous choice.

We need to be smart about this.

Posted by: DrewM. at October 31, 2009 05:23 PM

In other words, “Republican” means whatever we want it to mean, depending on the audience. If we’re in a liberal-trending part of the country, then “Republican” means liberal values. If we’re in a conservative-trending part of the country, then “Republican” means conservative values.

So, basically, “Republican” has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. And “RINO” has absolutely no meaning whatsoever, since you can’t go against the “Republican” platform when there is no platform, except “stand for whatever will get you elected in a particular part of the country”.

Basically, instead of being leaders of certain values, what it means to be a “Republican” nowadays is that you follow whatever people want.

Very inspiring.

And people wonder why supposedly 50% of we conservatives no longer are part of the “Republican” Party.

I don’t see the point to having a “Republican” majority when that majority consists of 1/3 who are Conservative, 1/3 who will vote 50-50 with Democrats and 1/3 who are liberals and will vote for liberal policies.

Posted by: Michael in MI at October 31, 2009 05:36 PM


November 2, 2009 , 2:21PM - Posted by | Conservatism, Republicans

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