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Group Think Mentality

Eman, thank you. You’re one of the few posters left I stick around to read in the comments.

And I don’t know who Anon is, but I can certainly understand why so many lurkers don’t post (and thank you, to you, too). The Group Think mentality has been pretty bad around here for some time.

Posted by: barbelle at November 10, 2009 01:07 AM

Sad, but true, in the case of the commenters at Ace of Spades HQ. Well, at least in terms of social issues. On political issues such as military issues, fiscal issues and general political strategery issues, there is quite a bit of diverse opinion expressed in the comment section. Granted, the blog authors are pretty much one big echo chamber on every issue, but that’s probably why ace chose them to be co-authors on his blog. So I can give that a pass.

But there is definitely a Group Think mentality when it comes to social issues at that site. Unless you agree with the ideas of promiscuous sex with every hot woman (or man, if you’re a ‘moronette’), looking at ‘pron’ and now apparently supporting women who make sex tapes, you are deemed a ‘concern troll’ or a prude or assumed to be fat and ugly.

Go against the social Group Think there and be prepared to be ridiculed until you stop commenting there (as I have). Want to share your sexual prowess, your lesbian fantasies (if you’re a ‘moronette’) or general love for being a pervert, you are welcomed with open arms and praised as ‘living the AoSHQ lifestyle’. But dare to hold a traditional, gentlemanly/lady-like view on sex and relationships and expect to be the butt of jokes, even when you’re not around to defend yourself from such.

There is really no difference between what the M&Ms there do with regards to sex and relationship issues and what commenters do at places like LGF and any Left-wing site with regards to political issues. Don’t agree with the Group Think, you’re a troll who’s fat and ugly.

Ironic too, since barbelle’s point was that they were defending Carrie Prejean based on her looks. Then, they turn around and just assume barbelle is fat and ugly, simply because she doesn’t agree with their opinions on the issue.

The fact is that AoSHQ has their own “political correctness” Group Think going on, and they seem to not even realize it. As barbelle noted, it’s no wonder that lurkers don’t comment more. Why would anyone want to, when they know if they disagree with the group think, they’ll be lambasted as a troll, ugly, fat — or, in my case, an ’emo-git’ — among other things.

Ah, the ‘joys’ of anonymous posting on the internet. Sad.

I will say, that I don’t understand her overall opinion on Carrie Prejean, that, seemingly, is that she cannot make mistakes early on in life, realize what she did was wrong and then repent for it later in life.  If that were the case, then pretty much none of us could ever hold any moral authority on anything, unless we never did anything wrong… ever.  And since none of  us are the Son of God, I doubt there are very many people who have never done anything wrong, unless they never leave their house to live life.

I understand her point about no longer holding up Carrie Prejean as a spokeswoman for anything on conservative issues — especially socially conservative issues — and not reflexively defending her on things simply because she won the lottery in the gene pool.  Personally, I could care less about Carrie Prejean.  She doesn’t speak for me, nor does she speak for any conservative movement.  However, she deserves people defending her, since she was unfairly and despicably smeared by the Left simply for expressing the same view on “same-sex marriage” as the majority of California voters, the majority of voters in every other State where “same-sex marriage” has been on the ballot and… the current President of the United States.

The simple fact is that Carrie Prejean would be hailed by the Left were it not for her answering honestly a bogus question at a Beauty Pageant.  Everything else — both the nasty smears and her media opportunities — came from that principled stand.

I really don’t care if she made every single bad decision imaginable in her teen years or not.  Criticize her and hold her accountable for her bad choices in the past, but defend her on her right to be able to speak her mind without being smeared.

Heh, nice:

I think it’s running about 20-1 that you’re troll, toots. And eman is only on your side because he thinks you’re cute.

Okay, activate the gray cells and figure out where eman ever saw a picture of me.

Consensus ain’t science.  It is, however, what I’d expect from the lot of you.

Posted by: barbelle at November 10, 2009 01:21 AM

Another good one:

I’ve read every comment down and that’s where I had to stop to answer. schizuki, are you a parent? If your teenage daughter asked you, would you tell her there’s nothing wrong with masturbating on tape for her boyfriend?

I’m pretty sure Hagar did that in the Old Testament, but considering the lack of recording tech, they just had to draw really fast on papyrus.

It’s all the rave at the Baptist church down the road.  But no worries, just say you regret it and you’re golden.

Posted by: barbelle at November 10, 2009 02:37 AM

And that’s really the difference between many of us on the Right.  Some of us have grown up and are thinking along the lines of being a parent and grown up, not sticking with frat boy mentalities into our late 20s and 30s (and beyond).

Yep, this is pretty much my opinion on all this Carrie Prejean stuff too:

Not that I give a sh!t what CP does or doesn’t do, but Barbelle you said she did this after promoting herself as some paragon of family vaules. Uhm, no. She made the tape as a kid, then grew up, became famous due to controversy and the douche she gave it to sold her out. She is dumber than a box of rocks, but no one really deserves that sh!teous treatment. I was a teen who wouldn’t want everything I did put up for public consumption, (or any of it), but if it came out, so what? I am an adult, that was the past, and I made many, many, many mistakes. She should be out of the limelight soon, anyway. I predict her book won’t do all that well, and she will fade into obscurity soon. So, no biggie.

Posted by: di butler at November 10, 2009 03:22 AM

I think the disconnect here is that people are reflexively defending *everything* about her because (1) she won the lottery in the gene pool and (2) she was despicably attacked and smeared by the Left for expressing a popular opinion (though, very unpopular with the Left).  The thing is, no one wants to join with the Left in their smears of her by criticizing Carrie Prejean, because people could turn around and say “see! even the Right sees that she’s pathetic!”  On the other hand though, defending her actions with which we disagree opens us up to “see!  Conservatives are a bunch of hypocrites who don’t stand for moral values at all, they’re just defending her because she’s hot and is against ‘same-sex marriage'”.  It’s a fine line to walk, but I’d rather take the side of barbelle and keep my principles in tact, while trying to get the focus of the issue back on the Left’s despicable smear of her over expressing an opinion only the Left thinks is wrong.

This is another good one:

Sorry, I didn’t read all 600+ posts to ascertain the sex of Barbelle’s sex (Sank).    I accept the correction.  Still, what is it with society that we must evicerate a conservative that chooses to take a moral stance when they have any incident in their past.

The woman stood up for traditional marriage. Where’s the crime.  If Bill Clinton stood up for traditional marriage , everyone would hail him as enlighteded.  She was a dumbass teenager.  Same goes for the way women came down on Sara Palin.  She was pretty and promoted traditional values and you would have thought she was evil incarnate.

It took a long time for societies to develop rules that increased health of the community.  Not screwing everything that walked reduced desease.  On man one woman for a lifetime made for healthier better adjusted children.  Self reliance freed man from government oppression.  Now, disease runs rampant, family structure is breaking down, jails are bulging at the seams, and government is taking ofer our lives.  A teenage girl sent a sex tape to a boy she thought she could trust.   Dumbass move.  Move on.

Posted by: Ohio Dan at November 10, 2009 09:32 AM

Again, I think the disconnect is that a couple of the things mentioned by Ohio Dan — screwing everything that walks, a girl making a sex tape for her boyfriend — are things that are praised as good in the “AoSHQ lifestyle”.  And if you dare come out and speak against those things, calling them wrong in any way, you are immediately attacked as a prude, ugly, fat, Taliban-like, etc.

Now, barbelle does come across as quite a b!tch, with a mouth slinging out insults which would make a US Marine blush.  To me, that is utterly unattractive and a complete turn-off and a very unattractive quality in a person in general, let alone a woman.  That said, the substance of her complaints, I think, is sound.  Carrie Prejean should not be a spokesperson for anything with all this baggage out there:  boob job, scantily-clad pictures for which she made lame excuses and now this sex tape she made.  She has no credibility when it comes to traditional values and should be held to account for that.  However, despite all that, she should still be defended 100% on the main issue of being able to speak your mind in this country, without the consequence of being personally smeared and destroyed by political enemies.

Good point:

Carrie would have been a lot better off had she claimed to be a recovering bad-girl before she went on the lecture circuit.

If she’d have said, I was an immodest, naughty girl in the past, but I’ve repented and am now a solid Christian, these little things popping out of the closet would have been no big deal.

She could have said, “See? I told you I used to be a bad girl”.

Posted by: pajama momma at November 10, 2009 01:23 PM

What lectures did she give on sexual modesty and when?

She gave a talk on her Christian values her at her home church here in San Diego. The Rock. One of the Christian values is modesty. Her talk was about standing strong in your Christian faith.

Posted by: pajama momma at November 10, 2009 01:57 PM


November 10, 2009 , 12:54PM - Posted by | Life, Political Correctness, Relationships, Sex


  1. AoSHQ has never really and truly been a “conservative” blog, so yeah, conservative views on morality are going to get a little pierced.

    To be quite honest, the circle of people who enjoy a place that dispenses phrases such as “suckers of [rooster]” like Gideons do Bibles AND have conservative sexual mores is pretty small.

    Besides, I don’t think half of them really feel the way they say (or you think) they do. They’re just mocking you because you don’t “get it.” We play up the “AoSHQ Lifestyle” because it’s funny. News flash: Ace doesn’t kill hoboes nor does he hate Scandinavians, nor does he even fear vaginas (though that one I’m not sure about). I’m sure if your search-fu is strong, you’ll find several posts where Ace has expressed his distaste for a libertine sexual worldview in spite of the ostensible libertarianism of his blog.

    So quit trying to ruin the role-playing. We know.

    I mean, I may say “BUNK” in ten different comment threads in one day, but it doesn’t mean I masturbate ten times a day. I mean, no more than eight, then it just starts hurting.

    Comment by INCITEmarsh | November 11, 2009 , 12:32AM

    • Yeah, I *get it* too. I’m just as much of a perv as the next normal American red-blooded male. In the abstract anyway. When it comes to day to day relationships with women, I don’t behave like a frat boy, I behave like an adult and a respectable gentleman (unless I am in a long term relationship and we have moved on to that ‘stage’ in the relationship. But even then, I don’t treat her like a sex toy or sex object.). And that’s what I expressed when discussions on the ONT turned to relationships. And I was ragged on for it.

      Which I can take. What still pisses me off today is that they turned me into the butt of jokes… when I was not around… for a week. Just making shit up about me being some “emo-git”, some loser, some pussy or beta-male, using the ONT for some kind of advice session or therapy session, when that was not the case at all. But, to make themselves feel better, they decided to spend a week ragging on me and make shit up.

      Which is ironic coming from them, because they proved my point. I told them that whom I am — gentleman, traditional guy, etc — is not really liked/popular in many cases when it comes to relationships with women. While some of them offered sincere replies of encouragement, the majority basically considered me a joke. They sat there and said they did NOT consider me a ‘loser’, that it was all in my own mind, yet they spent a week essentially discussing how much of a loser I am. Now, at the time, I took the sincere replies and the joking to be kinda ‘laughing WITH me’. I figured, while most didn’t really agree with me on things, they at least respected me and thought I was a good guy.

      But, when I caught up late on the ONT on Halloween night and saw people mocking me, I realized then that the joking was actually laughing AT me. Then, when it continued on for an entire WEEK, it became quite obvious that all the replies of encouragement were all just bullshit they were saying to my face, but really thought I was a joke… but were waiting until I was not around to say it and joke about it.

      And that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with their opinions, I have a problem with their high and mighty attitude and how they treat other people who don’t conform to their ‘lifestyle’. I didn’t go there ripping on them for their ‘lifestyle’ choices or mock them when they were not around. But they choose to do that to everyone who does not conform to their world view. In that way, they are no different than a left-wing blog or LGF when it comes to politics, only AoSHQ does it with sex and relationship issues.

      And it has nothing to do with having “thick skin” or being ‘scared off’. It has to do with not wanting to waste my time hanging around with people who don’t want me around. There is a difference between laughing with someone and being an utter asshole. And it’s clear to me that many on the ONT are stuck-up assholes, who think their shit don’t stink.

      Comment by michaelinmi | November 11, 2009 , 12:52AM

  2. Dear Michaelinmi

    For what it is worth, I have missed your postings at Ace. I am glad to know that you do post, though, and will check in often.

    Comment by rocker124 | November 11, 2009 , 10:47AM

    • Thanks.

      I don’t post very often/consistently. And I don’t always post political stuff. Just whatever is on my mind on a particular day and which inspires me enough, such that I want to post something about it.

      Comment by michaelinmi | November 11, 2009 , 6:21PM

  3. Michael in MI – I’m sorry they did that to you. I don’t read the ONT so I didn’t know that happened. I’ve missed your comments so I came here to see if anything was going on.

    I agree with you on the “AOS lifestlye” stuff. I’ve never cared for that kind of talk or the “jokes” about “hot women” and stuff like that. I’m a married woman who just wants to talk politics. I cringe when I read the sexually explicit stuff at Ace and if that makes me a prude so be it. I can handle the cheerleader pics but the discussions about Carrie Prejan’s sex tape are just too much (and that’s not even getting into what’s said at the ONT).

    I don’t know what “emo git” is but it sounds like an insult and I don’t blame you if you don’t comment there anymore. I kind of stopped after DrewM. called me a Birther but I was mostly a lurker anyway.

    Your comments are always great and I’ll just come here to read them from now on. You do great work on your blog.

    Comment by adrienne48fan | November 12, 2009 , 12:52AM

    • adrienne48fan — Well, they didn’t reall “do that” to me. They were simply being themselves. I was just dumb enough to think that they were not rude a$$holes. I thought that I had built up enough credibility with people where I could be myself around them and not get treated like a troll. I was wrong. So that’s my fault for thinking too highly of the quality and character of the people on the ONT. Lesson learned.

      As far as the “AoSHQ Lifestyle” stuff, I admit that I get into some of it from time to time. I admire “hot” women and will make comments from time to time about “hot” celebrities or whatever. But that’s just in the abstract. When it comes to real life, I don’t treat women in that fashion, as if they are nothing but sex objects or sex toys.

      What annoys me on the ONT is the double-standard. If all the women talk about getting wasted to deal with their problems or talk about lesbian fantasies or stripping or their sex lives or their past bad relationships and dump on their past men in their lives or men in general… that’s a-okay. Everyone’s all for that. Where I made the mistake was in thinking that I could echo their stories in sharing some of my own talking about my past.

      For example, on a nightly basis there will be at least 2 of them there who are bitching about their past relationships and men (never once taking responsibility for the fact that they were dumb enough to stay in those relationships/marriages in the first place, showing bad judgement in men). So I figured, well, I’ll share my thoughts on the matter and tell them that it’s not just men who can be jerks, but women as well. And, the reason that many men are no longer gentlemen is because they have put up with rotten women and now have bad attitudes about women and relationships.

      But, of course, they considered that to be whining or me acting like an “emo git”. Which is interesting, since most of the ONT is a bunch of emotional crap most of the time coming from the women, whining and bitching about men, sharing their sex lives, sharing the past sex lives, talking about how so, so difficult it is to deal with life that they have to get drunk, etc. It’s pathetic, really. But, I never went off on anyone for it, because I’m not an asshole. But, I was not extended the same courtesy. So, whatever.

      They act like they’re the ‘cool kids’ in High School or something, like people should *want* to hang out with them and that their opinion on everything is *the* opinion. It’s really pretty pathetic. They are as judgmental, arrogant and condescending as any left-wing blog, and they don’t even realize it. When someone calls them out on it, they just double down and consider that person a troll worthy of personal attacks. Just ridiculous. Especially coming from a bunch of people protected by the anonymity of the web.

      Anyway, I appreciate the kind words about my comments. I honestly felt that despite our differences of opinion on some social issues, that people generally liked and appreciated my contributions there. It was quite a punch in the gut and wake-up call to find out that was not the case, upon seeing them express their true opinions of me when I was not around.

      But, no matter, life is too short to worry about what 10-15 anonymous people on one insignificant blog think about you.

      Thanks for becoming a reader of my blog, hopefully I will update this more often, since I am spending less time commenting on others’ blogs now. 🙂

      Comment by michaelinmi | November 19, 2009 , 1:20PM

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