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Socialism is Built for a Static, Unchanging World

And the irony is that those who promote socialism call themselves “progressives”. Go figure.

Socialism destroys free will, individual responsibility. People become zombies.

Posted by: Sofia at November 15, 2009 04:04 PM

Socialism is staticist, in nature. It is built for a static, unchanging world – ergo the idea that all power can be effectively and efficiently centralized. Because a static world forms the socialist foundation, all socialist mechanisms try to force this static nature on the world around it. Socialism, thus, promotes and works towards stagnation, the antithesis of human creativity and the exercise of individualistic thought and behavior. Most cultures don’t mind this, as they have been founded in tribal systems that denigrated the individual, and many are actually built for it – as with those Oriental cultures that value stability above progress. But, Western civilization was built on the notion of progress and any embrace of socialist theory represents a major regressive step … though, unfortunately, ignorance is bliss to many.

Posted by: progressoverpeace at November 15, 2009 04:19 PM


November 15, 2009 , 5:11PM - Posted by | Liberalism, Socialism

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