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Hawt damn! I was reading this article about the possibility of bringing Mike Shanahan to Chicago next year to coach my Chicago Bears, when lo and behold, I see this article sitting in the sidebar: Sexy NFL Jersey Girls [68 Photos]

So, of course, I checked it out and… as I said, WOWzah! Some nice eye-candy there for male NFL fans (and the ladies, if they swing that way…)

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Sarah Palin is a Diversion?

‘Huh?’ That was my reaction after reading this from DrewM over at Ace of Spades HQ, regarding his reaction upon reading a book review by the Wall Street Journal of Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue”:

First though, I hate this book. Not what’s in it, not because it’s Palin and not because I begrudge her making money from it. I hate it because in someways she’s becoming the Bill and Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party/conservative movement. Palin is a figure bigger than the party or movement in the media at the moment. Like the Clintons did to Democrats for a number of years after Bill’s term ended, she is sucking all the air out of the room. I don’t meant that in a policy or electoral terms but in a celebrity sense. She’s going to get far more time and attention in the next week than say the Republican health care plan has received in the last year.

Yeah, and whose fault has it been that the GOP can’t get any publicity for their health care plan? The GOP. And “sucking all the air out of the room”? What? What ‘air’? In case anyone has been paying attention since NOV 2008, no one gives a damn about the GOP. The only people who have been — since day 1 — actively and vocally standing up to the nonsense being pushed by the Democrats and the Obama Administration have been Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, hundreds of thousands of American conservatives at Tea Parties all across the country and… Sarah Palin.

I find it hard to believe that anyone can not remember the turning point in the health care debate this summer, which served to put a complete halt to the Democrats’ efforts to shove this down the collective throat of America back in August: Sarah Palin’s AUG 7th Facebook post about “death panels”. Without her getting involved in this debate, we may already have had this socialist government takeover thrust upon us.

Thankfully, there are others who are not as dense and are on my wavelength:

I find it, oh, I don’t know what the right word is…. obtuse or ironic, that the author complains that too much attention on Palin in the next couple of weeks could distract from our effort to defeat the democrat socialized medicine bill.

I would venture to say that Sarah Palin may have already single-handedly destroyed the bill with her famous “death panel” Facebook posting.

I would think more attention on Sarah, based on past experience in this realm, is much more likely to assist in the defeat of socialized medicine than less.

Posted by: Dave at November 16, 2009 11:02 AM

With regards to Dave’s first assertion, I’d go with deliberately obtuse.

We have a great asset here in Sarah Palin and all anyone can do — on our own freaking ideological side! — is dump on her. Just plain sad.

Another who is on my wavelength on this:

What air? We finally have a charismatic REAL conservative on the scene and you’re faulting her for getting too much attention?

News flash: There IS no air in the room. Sarah’s not taking attention away from the Republican health care plan. The media wouldn’t report on that plan even if it promised everyone free blowjobs for life.

Posted by: Farmer Joe at November 16, 2009 11:00 AM

More great comments:

Given that Palin is arguably a major reason HCR hasn’t passed yet, I think it’s odd to criticize her for taking attention away from it. At the time she announced and scheduled the book, most people assumed HCR would be a non-issue by this time, and if she now delayed the book to get out of it’s way it’d look like McCain suspending his campaign all over again. Indeed, the best chance for the Republican plan to be heard (unless the RNC gets smart and starts running TV ads) is probably for Palin to post it on Facebook. After all, that’s the only thing remotely like a GOP outlet that the drive-bys pay any attention to nowadays.

Posted by: Ian S. at November 16, 2009 11:14 AM


I understand your point, but you are, quite simply, wrong. She is a point of focus, not a distraction. Every time the Name Sarah Palin pops up on the crawl or a snippet of an interview is played, people are reminded that there is an alternative to Obama (pbuh) and the anti-freedom bureaucracy that he is creating.

Posted by: NJConservative at November 16, 2009 11:14 AM

BINGO. And that is the key. Sarah Palin is the only one right now — other than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh — who is unapologetically conservative and providing people with a true conservative alternative to the Democrat Party’s socialism and borderline Communism, Marxism and Fascism. That is a positive not a “diversion” or “distraction”.

Interesting theory, which I like:

I’ve always subscribed to the theory that, if Palin was going to run in ’12, then her best strategy would be to write TWO books.

The first should be an autobiographical work, as “Going Rogue,” most obviously is. She needs to “connect” to that vast swath in the middle whose only knowledge of her and her story is limited to her Tina Fey SNL caricature.

The second would be a more forward-looking “set of principles” book released in 2011. The second would never sell without the built-in audience of those who bought, read and liked the first; and it would be the perfect lead-in to a potential presidential run. It would give her plenty of time to test her message, hone in to a fine edge, and see how the political landscape unfolds in the meantime.

I have the feeling that this is the first of a two-parter… Stay tuned…

Posted by: Jim at November 16, 2009 11:16 AM

Excellent point made here about Sarah Palin’s huge influence on the NY-23 Congressional race by endorsing the conservative Doug Hoffman. Again, I don’t have the first clue why people who claim to be conservative continue to dump on this woman, who is a clear asset to the Conservative cause.

Sarah Palin’s real value is not running for President in 2012. Sarah Palin’s real value is helping and aiding conservative candidates in 2010 and 2012. She has proven her ability to help infuse cash into a candidate’s coffer with her endorsement. Hoffman raised $100,000 after her endorsement of him, and a $100,000 is a significant amount in Congressional races. She can draw media attention to a conservative candidate. She can draw crowds. If she puts together a savy media team she can form a nationwide network to help conservatives in close races across the country in 2010 and 2012. That, right now, is her true value and probably where her future lies.

President in 2012. Can’t see it. Why undergo another 3 years of brutal press coverage, of having everything you say misconstrued and contorted. Better to sit back, pick your issues, get your message out first and beat liberals at the lower levels.

Posted by: Mallamutt at November 16, 2009 11:19 AM

While he makes a good argument, I still hope that Sarah Palin is on the 2012 GOP ticket for President, either as the Presidential nominee or the Vice Presidential running mate. Right now — and surely even more so 3 years from now — conservatives across the country are informed, inspired and ACTIVE. They are chomping at the bit to throw the America-hating, Communist bastards out of both Congress and the White House. Put Sarah Palin on the ticket and every single conservative will be donating to the GOP, participate in massive GOTV efforts and will be flocking to the polls to vote for the GOP ticket. Also, putting Sarah Palin on the ticket as the VP will set her up perfectly for a Presidential run in 2020.

A-f’ing-men to this. I could not agree more.  The current leaders — Michael Steele?  John Boehner?  Mitch McConnel?  What have they done to promote conservatism? Oh, that’s right, they have told us that Dede Scozzofava is a conservative.  Brilliant. — in the GOP are (1) not conservative and (2) cowards who refuse to stand up to the Democrat Party, the Obama Administration and the damn mass media.

Also, I would add that Sarah Palin has done NOTHING wrong with regards to anything politically her entire career. She has always put her constituents’ needs ahead of her own desire for power. Now, maybe I’m crazy, but I thought that public servants should be, you know, serving the public. Sarah Palin has done that her entire political career — from PTA to Mayor to working in the energy industry to Governor and now working against the Obama Administration and his Marxist buddies in Congress.

The last time I checked, neither Boehner, McConnell, nor Steele have done much of anything to advance conservatism and defeat the Democrats.

At least Sarah Palin is willing to stick her neck out and speak out plainly and directly against the Democrats, at a personal cost to herself.

AND SARAH PALIN HAS NEVER EVER ONCE DUMPED ON THE CONSERVATIVE BASE, unlike our go-along/get-along eunuchs in the Republican party who kick the base to score points with the media and ‘moderates’ who don’t share our core values.

Posted by: Tweet Allen Poe at November 16, 2009 11:21 AM

Another good point here. Her book tour is the perfect opportunity for her to bring up current issues, such as, oh I dunno, DrewM’s health care, Afghanistan troop levels and Cap and Trade. But, of course, DrewM doesn’t stop and think about that. Nope, just dump on the most popular, vocal and unapologetic conservative — outside of Rush Limbaugh — out there now. Brilliant.

@36 by Jim – bingo – Also, she just might get the chance to talk about issues like health care during some of those interviews she’ll be doing for the book. That means that a lot of folks who would never otherwise hear “our side” (the ones who watch shows like Oprah, The View, etc.) will get a chance to hear some common sense. I think it’s great.

Posted by: teej (AoS’s token tin foil hat guy) at November 16, 2009 11:28 AM

Amen to this:

She’s taking all the air away from the Republican Party establishment? Why isn’t that a good thing?

I would say that Sarah Palin is the main (only?) one now giving life and leadership to the true social and fiscal conservative anti-government-growth faction. If that means detracting from the GOP establishment (think Newt Gingrich), more power to her.

Sarah Palin is a force for goodness, and very effective at it. The political establishment of both the Democrat and Republican parties are not. G-d bless her.

Best regards, Peter Warner.

Posted by: Peter Warner at November 16, 2009 11:31 AM

Agreed here as well. Purging the GOP of its despicable and incompetent staffers and aides and consultants and advisers is most definitely a GOOD thing.

I’m not criticizing as much as bemoaning and I explicitly said it wasn’t her fault.

I know you did but the tenor of the post is very much “oh noes! she’s a distraction! everyone panic!” (Okay, the last part not so much) To paraphrase Troy Polamalu, you said it with your eyes, Drew, you said it with your eyes.

Also I do think there’s value in shedding light on the 2008 campaign. I’d say 70% of what ails D.C. is the incestuous little group of consultants and staffers that just keep going from one campaign to another and from one elected official to another. Pointing out that they’re incompetent crap weasels is of great public value.

Posted by: alexthechick at November 16, 2009 11:32 AM

Hell-f’ing-yeah to this:

If the Republicans were worth a sh!t they would’ve stopped this bill months earlier. Instead it’s still dragging out in D.C.

I’ll be super happy if Palin, during her interviews, rails against the current bill like she has been doing in her FB posts. F#ck the GOP. They couldn’t organize a fart contest at a chili cook off.

With this book, Palin gets her story out, gets it on the record, then from here on out moves forward. If anyone asks about the ’08 campaign in the future all she has to say is, “See my book. Now watch as I slice these liberal bastards like sausage.”

Posted by: TexMex at November 16, 2009 11:33 AM

Heh. This is why most of the commenters at AoSHQ have more credibility on conservatism than any of the blog-authors there. And excellent snark:

“Why we want to remind people of that in the midst of debates on health care, Afghanistan troop levels and Cap and Trade is beyond me.”

Exactly. The last thing we need right now is the MSM obsessed with a telegenic, principled conservative who has already kneecapped Obamacare, has a son deployed overseas, and made her reputation on energy issues. Why, I doubt Sarah will even touch on these issues in her weeklong media rollout and subsequent book tour.

Help us, Michael Steele, you are our only hope.

Posted by: mrobvious at November 16, 2009 11:37 AM

More great comments:

God help us if focus on Palin cuts into Huckabee’s bass playing time, or Mitt’s explanation of Mittcare, or Pawlenty and Jindal talking about how more government will save us, or Newt trying to relive the past, or McCain thwarting border control, or Steele reminding everyone that he is a black man too. Drew, I totally see your point! Screw the republicans.

Palin/Bolton in 2012 with Liz Cheney as SecState.

Posted by: Kyle Canyon at November 16, 2009 12:14 PM


Okay, so Sarah should step aside so that there’ll be more ‘air’ for the beta-male elites in the GOP – that it Drew??

Sarah gets all the air because Conservatives LOVE her and Liberals are scared sh!tless of her.

You want more ‘air’ – then figure out how to TAKE IT.

Posted by: ExTex at November 16, 2009 12:17 PM

Heh. Yep, this is why I stopped commenting at AoSHQ, because most of the bloggers there seem to want to become AllahPundit 2.0. The only reason to stick around to read AoSHQ anymore is for the commenters, because the site itself may as well rename itself HotAir 2.0.  And no, that’s not a good thing.

She’s going to get far more time and attention in the next week than say the Republican health care plan has received in the last year.

Nice of you to forget that Palin blew open the health care debate (which the GOP and many others on the right were fumbling badly) with her little facebook write up of death panels. If you really cared about the health care debate you would first admit that Palin did more to stop it than any politico.

Are you taking blogging lessons from that twerp, allah?

Posted by: progressoverpeace at November 16, 2009 12:22 PM

Interesting. Though I still believe it would be better to have her as VP-candidate. Granted, the problem is that there are no other credible GOP Presidential candidates right now who are unapologetically and principled conservative. Romney? No. Huckabee? Hell no! McCain? F’ck No! Pawlenty? McCain 2.0. Who does that leave? I really don’t know… GEN Petraeus? John Bolton? Bobby Jindal? Just plain sad that we have an outright America-hating racist Marxist controlling our country right now and yet he may win re-election in 2012, because the opposing party is incompetent and pathetic.

I think this “book tour” is also a “testing the waters” and “repairing my brand” tour. Look where she’s going on the first half:

-Michigan (1 stop) Battleground state she desperately wanted to win in ’08
-Indiana (2 stops) Swing state ObaMao won
-Ohio (2 stops) Swing state ObaMao won
-Pennsylvania (1 stop) Light blue state ObaMao won
-Virginia (1 stop) Red state that ObaMao won
-North Carolina (1 stop) Red state that ObaMao won
-Florida (3 stops) Swing state that ObaMao won

The only two states she’s stopping in that aren’t in play are New York, which she will never win (but is important for fundraising), and Alabama, which she would win no matter what.

It seems to me she’s campaigning on Harper Collins’ dime.

As for 2012 vs 2016 or 2020: If she runs I think it has to be in 2012. She would be out of the game too long by 2016, unless she got elected to Congress, which would kill her “outsider” status.

Posted by: ol_dirty_/b/tard at November 16, 2009 12:22 PM

Amen to this. Strong, conservative women are the future of the GOP.

Palin…. Michelle Bachman…. Marsha Blackburn…… and Liz Cheney. True conservatives and they make the opposition hurl. Too much nail biting over Palin in my opinion. Instead, the GOP needs to pull its collective head out of it’s ass and remember the conservative base…… not the McCains, et. al.

On fox the othere day they had some Republican Senator on talking about the Obamacare bill….. this guy was about 102 years old, practilly droolling down his chin, and could barely make a coherent statement against the bill. This guy should never be on TV again – if this is what the Repubes keep putting out to get our message out we are more than a little screwed.

Posted by: Cheri at November 16, 2009 12:27 PM

Good comment:

Other candidates get to write autobiographies. (BTW, all of Obama’s biographies are autobiographies. What do we know of Obama that hasn’t come directly from him?)

I think that she has to do this because FireHorse is right, she has to define herself.

As far as 2012, I think it will be a tough road for her, particularly because she’s a woman and her primary hurdle will be…women. If this were to happen to a male candidate, he would get all sorts of sympathy from women and be able to mount a comeback. But women who aren’t ideologically tied to Palin seem to feel this kind of bitterness to her. The elites resent her success without going through the channels, her large family, the tabloid nature of her life post-nomination.

She has a problem. If she doesn’t run in 2012 or does and loses, she becomes irrelevant. She can’t return to politics in Alaska. She could be the pro-life movement’s spokeswoman, but she retains interest only as the great hope of conservatives for 2012 because we don’t see a better option over the horizon. Mitt’s tied up with Romneycare, Pawlenty is a bland squish, Huckabee’s a Republican Carter and Jindal had that poor speech after Obama’s. (I wouldn’t rule him out, though, I think he’s enjoying being under the national radar for the moment.)

She can be a kingmaker, though. If she doesn’t run, then whomever she anoints will be the nominee. Period.

Posted by: AmishDude at November 16, 2009 12:29 PM

Great comment:

Palin is a figure bigger than the party or movement in the media at the moment.

That is because the Republican party devotes more attention, energy, and vehemence to fighting anyone within its ranks who stands up and opposes Obama instead of fighting back themselves. The “nest of vipers” who lost the 2008 campaign is in great demand by all the usual Republican suspects to run their campaigns. There is no heart or will within the GOP to do anything but feather their own nests, be seen as “bipartisan” [read Democrat-lite], and suppress those nasty members of their base who have the g’damn gall to actually think that the Party should be representing them and their values rather than Obama’s.

It may be that the GOP can be saved as a vehicle for opposition to the Socialists. But that means literally in the next two years it has to be taken over. IF we still have elections in 2010, if Conservatives can become the candidates over the opposition of the Party and enough win, we may slow Obama by means of electoral politics; so long as that remains a viable means of political currency. If the Party rejects Conservatives again, it will go the way of the Whigs. There is no guarantee that we will be able to save what is left of the Republic in the days to come. There is even less of a guarantee that the Republican Party will be part of any solution. As presently constituted and run, it is doubtful if they have any intention of being part of the solution. If they side with the enemy, they will be treated as the enemy.

Right now it would pay to watch what is happening in Utah. The TEA Party, 9/12 groups, and their allies are making a push to get a majority of the delegates to the Utah state Republican convention. They may legally be in a position to determine who their candidates are; unless the Republican leadership over-rides and ignores their votes as they have done in the past to conservatives in Colorado and to insurgents in Nevada. If that happens, the “leadership” may retain control of the Utah Republican Party, but they will likely find that it is far smaller than they expected. Conservatives, after over 10 years of attacks by Republicans, are coming to realise that the equation of Conservative = Republican no longer holds.

Sarah, bless her, has become a rallying point for our side. If she survives and either the regime or the Republicans do not arrange a ‘tragic accident’ she will be part of any solution that might evolve. I will say that for me, she is a bellweather. If it reaches the point where she decides that working within the Republican Party is counter-productive; I’ll go with her.

I fully realise that except in historical turning points like 1856-1860, third parties are not normally viable. Those turning points though, include times when there really no second party with a coherent philosophy to oppose the ‘first’ party. Right now we functionally have a one-party state with no real organized political opposition. If the Republicans develop a coherent, and conservative, philosophy; they might survive. If they don’t, they will be pushed out of the way.

Subotai Bahadur

Posted by: Subotai Bahadur at November 16, 2009 12:35 PM

Agree with this 100%:

Think about it.

Sarah Palin saw that her town wasn’t being run right, so she ran for mayor. And by all accounts (smears about the sports facility notwithstanding), she ran the town right.

She saw that Alaska wasn’t being run right, so she ran for governor. On her way to winning the governor’s office, which took a while, she got on the gas and oil commission, saw that it wasn’t running right — with some Republicans using their commission positions for personal benefit — and blew the whistle.

When she made it to the Governor’s mansion, she improved the way the state was run. And she famously said to the Legislature, “This place needs adult supervision.”

Sarah Palin is a rarity among Americans: she doesn’t just complain about the political system, she does something about it. And experience shows that she does it in a pragmatic way that holds Republicans just as accountable as Democrats.

Posted by: stuiec at November 16, 2009 12:42 PM

Yep, I most definitely and wholeheartedly agree with this too:

“Does reliving the ’08 campaign and settling scores with McCain staffers help position her for ’12?”

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Because those people, those attitudes must be burned out of the party with a white-hot poker. If we allow those vermin anywhere near the party, they will cripple and hobble it again with their institutionalized failure mindset, their internalized “second-best/crumbs are better than nothing” mindset.

They weren’t pragmatic, they weren’t realist, they weren’t merely struggling to plot the best course forward: They were and are neck-deep in a sludge of stupidity blindly seeking power merely for the sake of power.

Posted by: jimmuy at November 16, 2009 12:44 PM

Ya know, as much as I agree with the following comment, it is well past time that people tell bloggers like AllahPundit, Ace and DrewM here that they are full of shit. I really don’t know why people do this “my respected colleague bullshit that Republicans always do with Democrats. Guess what, people? Ace and DrewM and AllahPundit and Ed Morrissey are not kings of conservatism or even political analysis and shouldn’t be treated as such. They are simply average schmucks with a popular blog. That’s it. They are even lower on the rung than Congressmen and Senators who practice that “my esteemed colleague” crap, and yet here commenters are sucking up to bloggers in the same way that politicians suck up to one another. It’s pathetic. Knock it off.

Instead of this nonsense, how about people tell these arrogant, condescending bloggers to go f’ck themselves, call them out on their bullsh!t and then start up your own blogs to get your views out there. Because the blogosphere these days seems to be infected with “never gonna happen, don’t even bother to try, just forget it” squishes, who do nothing but attack people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin who have the balls to not accept the “never, never, never… we need to compromise” brigade. We need more voices out there speaking out against these negative, pessimistic jackasses.

Well, I have been reading down through the comments, and here are my thoughts:

1. George Bush, Al Gore, and Baraack Obama all have appeared for hour-long interviews on Oprah. The idea that this somehow demeans Sarah Palin is derived either from a poster’s ignorance that other politicians (and future presidents) have gone on her program, or (and I hope not) a different set of rules for Palin than for other (male) candidates. Besides, Oprah is Obama’s number one fan, and if Palin does well and keeps Oprah from inflicting damage, she proves that she has political courage and knows well how to manage the press. She will also reverse the damage that the Couric interview did.

2. It is quite possible that she really would prefer to be an encourager and commenter outside the official candidacy route. If her goal is saving the country rather than occupying the Oval Office, she may be positioning herself for this type of effort.

3. Frankly, the idea that she is sucking air away from all of those charismatic Republicans who would otherwise be all over TV talking about health care and cap and trade is ludicrous. The only GOP people we see on TV are McCain, Lindsey Graham, various weasel McCain staffers and campaign people, Huckabee (only because he has his own show) and the two ladies from Maine.

The media doesn’t want to talk about what’s in either cap and trade or health scare. If Palin wasn’t out there, we would suffer through being distracted by reruns of President Zero’s speeches or analysis of Amazonia’s exercise regimen.

If all else failed, we would have 24/7 car chases.

Meanwhile, Obama has gotten Lieberman to postpone his investigation. The Obama administration is very careful about what we are allowed to be distracted with; Palin is outside of their control and is a distraction they don’t want. So, in conclusion, Drew, lovingly and respectfully I must tell you that you are full of beans.

Posted by: Miss Marple at November 16, 2009 12:46 PM

Heh, this is great:

Sucking the air out of the GOP? Yes.
Breathing life into the conservative movement? Hells yes!

So, uh, WTF is the problem?

Or is there some magical party loyalist buried deep within the GOP who awaits to spring forth with impeccable conservatism and charisma but — alas! — is confined, stymied by the Blunder from North of the Border? No, that’s not a false choice — it’s a rhetorical question: There is no one in the party better suited to take up the fight against the Democratic Socialists.

Posted by: jimmuy at November 16, 2009 01:12 PM

A-freaking-men to this. I just love seeing this passion from conservative women. Absolutely love it. It seems conservative women these days have bigger balls and stronger spines than so-called conservative men. God love ’em. This country needs ’em.

I know what you’re saying about “hating this book” and I’m actually in basic agreement. I like Palin a lot, but there’s a little bit of media spectacle stuff to this that I’d rather not see.

Would you rather see another up-and-coming dem out there with this kind of appeal?

President in 2012. Can’t see it. Why undergo another 3 years of brutal press coverage, of having everything you say misconstrued and contorted. Better to sit back, pick your issues, get your message out first and beat liberals at the lower levels.

Beat liberals at local levels? Last I checked, city council wasn’t making the decision to buy GM et al with taxpayer money and dither around on A’stan troop decisions. As for brutal press coverage, she’s willing to endure it — and at this point, most thinking people don’t even believe the lamestream media anymore. She doesn’t and her supports don’t give a rat’s arse about the LSM.

Why do you think she raises so much money? ‘Cause people trust her. They not only trust her, they trust her judgement re candidates. I am not content just for her to build the conservative party, but to enjoy the fruits of her labor and lead it.

She had an over 70% approval rating as governor before she was selected as VP. She treated every tax-payer dime as her own and Alaska was/is in great financial shape compared to the majority of the lower 48. Has that not demonstrated that this woman has got it goin’ on?

And for those of you saying wait till 2016, what in Gaia’s name are you thinking? After one year of Bammy, do you think we’ll survive even another one without some bold action? Sarah Palin is bold. Sarah Palin is a lightning rod. Sarah Palin is a leader. Sarah Palin is exactly what the doctor ordered for those spineless, rudderless Repub elites in the House and Senate.

“Bu,bu,bu,but she needs more experience and needs to ‘bone up’ on this or that.”

Funny that no one says the same thing about T-Yawn (RINO Squish) or Jindal (zero charisma) or any of the other blah candidates out there. Does the male appendage confer some innate knowledge on how to be prez? Let’s talk about the accomplished Mitt Romney and Romneycare and his flip-flop, finger-in-the- wind policy positions. Look at the dufus in the WH now. He was a good speaker, so of course he must be qualified.

Conservatives ought to thank their lucky stars that the media is paying so much attention to Sarah Palin. She’s the only voice you’ll hear spouting a conservative viewpoint to Ostalin’s harebrained schemes. Ask anyone whose dealt with her and come out on the short end of the stick: Don’t underestimate her.

Posted by: RushBabe at November 16, 2009 02:08 PM

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