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Kill Babies and Anyone Over 55. There, Health Care Problem Solved!

A Facebook friend recently posted this as her status:

$849,000,000,000.00 over 10 yrs… the cost of the Reid Senate Health Care Bill the DC elite are wanting you, your children and grandchildren to go into debt to pay for. Ok… now who wants to pay for it…? Who has a bunch of extra money in the family budget to pitch in…? Step right up! *crickets*

To which, one of her liberal friends responded thusly:

Or the younger generation can work together to solve this problem and everyone will prosper not just a few. Don’t discount the younger generation.

To which, I responded thusly:

The younger generation IS working to solve this problem. The solution to high costs of health care is simply to deny care to the elderly and to kill babies through abortion, thus creating less of a population that needs care. Problem solved!

But, for some reason, the elderly aren’t taking very well the call for them to die off with dignity for the good of the country. Imagine that.

On a serious note, the FIRST “fixes” to health care should be (1) denying care to illegals (LOTS of cost to hospitals will be fixed that way) (2) open up health insurance to compete all across the nation, instead of just within each State (cost of insurance would drop big time with more competition) and (3) Tort Reform

Get that going for 4-5 years and analyze the results and then go from there.

But it is utter insanity for anyone to suggest we transform the best health care system in world (I said BEST, not “perfect” or “flawless”) into nationalized care, which has been a MASSIVE failure in every single nation and State where it has been tried. Doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results is insanity.

Personally, I believe Obama and the Democrats KNOW that it is a failed system, but that is their goal: to bring lousy systems here to America, because they know in every other nation where these systems occur, the populace is completely dependent upon the government. And THAT is what they want.

And, yes, I was being sarcastic in the blog title and my first paragraph response. No one wants to kill babies and the elderly… except for Obama, his Administration cronies, the Democrat Party… and anyone who supports their health care policies.

I also added this:

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t the best way to START “reform” be to:

(1) fix unemployment and get people back to work, which would help people get health insurance through their employer or have enough money to buy private insurance (which I would do)

(2) enforce immigration laws (thus getting rid of illegals which are burdening the health care system, costing hospitals $$ and making Americans wait in line behind them for care)

(3) allow health insurance to be portable and competitive nationwide, thus dramatically lowering the cost with increased competition

Now, wouldn’t those 3 things alone have a HUGE effect on cost, lowering it dramatically, with absolutely NO cost to American taxpayers?

Unemployment could be lowered by stimulating the economy with cutting taxes, enforcing immigration laws costs nothing and allowing nationwide competition costs nothing.

What am I missing? What is so complicated about this that it takes 2000 freaking pages of BS and ends up solving absolutely jack freaking squat?

November 19, 2009 , 1:44AM - Posted by | Democrats, Healthcare, Liberalism, Socialism

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