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I Can Defeat Barack Obama, Because I’m Black and Sarah Palin Isn’t

I continue to be baffled by the density of ace at Ace of Spades HQ. Apparently, he thinks that it’s quite alright for the GOP to use identity politics. Brilliant. Fiorina: I Can Beat Barbara Boxer Because I’m a Woman, and Chuck DeVore Isn’t

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to play the “gender card” as regards electability. Whether or not electability matters all that much, and whether someone’s gender really has a big influence on electability, is a side question, which people can figure out for themselves.

But to merely make mention of it? That’s dirty pool?

I don’t think it is. Fiorina isn’t exactly playing identity politics. She’s not saying, as Sotomayor did, that she’s better qualified due to her sex. Instead, she’s saying that her sex might make her more appealing to female voters. That’s not claiming superiority in the way we usually speak of it. She’s saying that people vote for candidates for all sorts of reasons — being “just like me” being one of them — and that this will be helpful.

Perfectly acceptable, huh? Okay then, I’ll be waiting for ace to be perfectly okay with the GOP nominating a Black man (or woman) as their Presidential candidate in 2012 and rationalizing it by saying “I can defeat Barack Obama, because I’m Black and (insert qualified conservative candidate here) is not.”

Apparently, ace and many others are quite alright with playing stupid-ass identity politics, just like the Democrats do. Brilliant.

How about we rewrite ace’s rationale thusly:

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to play the “[race] card” as regards electability. Whether or not electability matters all that much, and whether someone’s [race] really has a big influence on electability, is a side question, which people can figure out for themselves.

But to merely make mention of it? That’s dirty pool?

I don’t think it is. Fiorina isn’t exactly playing identity politics. She’s not saying, as Sotomayor did, that she’s better qualified due to her [race]. Instead, she’s saying that her [race] might make her more appealing to [Black] voters. That’s not claiming superiority in the way we usually speak of it. She’s saying that people vote for candidates for all sorts of reasons — being “just like me” being one of them — and that this will be helpful.

Okay then. That settles it. I have to assume that ace is quite alright with a GOP Presidential candidate coming out and saying that we should vote for them, because, being Black as they are, they are the only one who can defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

This is what the GOP has devolved into. Brilliant.

Reading the comments, at least one person finds this rationale objectionable:

I actually find her quote objectionable. She is not merely saying that as a woman she has a better chance running against another woman. Her use of the phrase “white guy” is straight out of the Democrat’s playbook, whether or not she meant it to be. It implies that Republicans and conservatives are nothing but white guys… wink, wink — racists… and she will temper the racist tendencies inherent in the Party. F#ck her.

Posted by: Usful Ijit at November 23, 2009 03:31 PM

Yep, this is nothing but Democrat Party playbook bullsh!t. Identity politics.

Also, not only is it pathetic, but it is also condescending to women. Carly Fiorina is basically saying that women are so stupid, that they will vote for a radical leftist woman like Barbara Boxer again rather than for a conservative who will improve things. Thus, if the GOP wants to win, they have to run a woman, because women are stupid and only vote for women.

And another thing… ace wonders how this is any big thing. Well, this is a sign. It’s a small sign that Carly Fiorina is a typical unethical b!tch who will use all dirty tricks in the book, instead of debating on the merits of issues. That’s a sign of her being a “McCain maverick” type RINO Republican, in the same way that a guy being verbally abusive to his woman is a sign of him being emotionally and physically abusive later in the relationship.

The fact that ace doesn’t recognize this is downright frustrating and disheartening.

The fact is that true statesmen and conservatives do not need to play identity politics. We know that the Constitution and our principles speak for themselves. All we need to do is clearly articulate them, champion them and defend them and people will be inspired.

But, if people like ace have their way, we’ll be putting up candidates all across the country who will play identity politics and… lose. Because the majority of people are not idiots as apparently ace thinks them to be. The majority of Americans want to be inspired and want to be able to trust their representatives to walk their talk. And when they hear someone resort to playing the identity politics game, that is a sign of the same-ol’, same-ol’ slick talking, spineless, unprincipled, unethical politicians of whom we’re trying to rid Washington.

The more I read through the comments… the more I realize I was correct about ace (and probably most political bloggers) all along: he’s an elitist.  He sees everyone and everything in terms of identity politics.  He doesn’t see us as fellow Americans, he sees us as voting blocs and identity groups to which to pander on issues for votes.  Just plain sad.

FINALLY! 80 comments in and I finally come across someone on a similar wavelength:

Issues, baby, issues.

I want to know what you think and where you stand on the issues. I do not want to hear vague platitudes and empty rhetoric. I want concrete statements and absolutes.

I don’t care if you’re white, black, orange with green polkadots or a woman or a man. I want to know you have an intellect. I need to know you can separate truth from fantasy. I need to know you won’t cave in to the screetching from the moonbats. I need to know you have real-world experience and real-world solutions to problems. I don’t want, nor will I accept any more BS from someone I elect to represent me. The time for games is over!

Issue, baby, issues…

Posted by: BackwardsBoy at November 23, 2009 03:51 PM

Nah, that makes too much sense and shows respect to too many people, let’s do ace’s way and keep playing games!  Let’s keep pandering to the least common demonimator among the populace.  Let’s play identity politics, use catchy, empty slogans, talk in vagaries and platitudes, pander instead of inform and inspire and lead.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  That way, we’ll become an idiocracy (more so than we already have become) in no time!  Woohoo!


Yep, spot-on. At least I am not the only one who recognizes the signs of crappy, treasonous RINOs.

we have no idea if Carly is a conservative, right of center type of candidate or who knows what.

She’s evasive and probably has no considered positions on anything, but she’s evasive and positionless in the style of people who govern fiscal-lib and grandstand social-con. Like ’80s Gore or Lieberman before his VP run, when he was a fiery preacher against dirty music and video games and shit.

Plus, she’s A Strong Woman, so she’ll be all in for any lib bill that has “Women” in the name.

She’s exactly what the national GOP wants.

Posted by: oblig. at November 23, 2009 04:02 PM

Excellent… more proof that not everyone has lost their freaking minds.  I agree with both of these…

all i know is, if you go to Carly’s site, you get a bunch of mealy mouth platitudes in an excruciating series of videos. at Chuck’s site, you get plain, no nonsense words that state exactly where he stands, and where he’s voted in the past.

as a native of the PRC, i’ll take Chuck any day. Carly looks like just another pair of Boxer Shorts. if she’s the candidate, i’ll simply skip that office when i vote. better the obvious enemy than a so called ally.

no more RINOs!

Posted by: redc1c4 at November 23, 2009 04:20 PM


Forina is running against horrid Barbara Boxer-

TO imply that women can do better when running against another female who is corrupted to her core, is blind arrogance. I’m woman hear me roar, that’s pitiful.

If California women would even consider re-electing Barbara Boxer (since 1992) no matter who is on the other ticket, then let them re-elect their ugly slavemaster.

Screw the ‘womyn’ vote; let them suffer the 5% tax increase slapped on their botox bill, their silicon-bo0b bill while receiving fewer opportunities for those hip replacements they are going to need.

Posted by: syn at November 23, 2009 04:26 PM


What’s your platform and what’s your historical record, if any, to support that platform? And do you have the capacity to investigate or understand that which you do not know?

That’s all I want to know.

If your metric is that I’m this color not that color and this gender not that one, then you fail my test. If it’s your only metric, then obviously the choice is simple. If it’s a metric among other platform metrics which are sound, your chances improve from a politically tactical POV; however, those chances coincidentally drop because you’ve substituted identity politics for actual accomplishment. That illustrates weakness. Your mentioning it emphasizes that you cannot trust your own record.

As someone who believes in rewarding merit, I’m dinging both the candidate and the philosophy that indulges in identity politics. I’ll lose elections if I have to in order not to perpetuate this lazy, obscene, and culturally damaging calculus.

Posted by: AnonymousDrivel at November 23, 2009 05:10 PM

Wow, this Qwinn guy must be my twin, because 99.9% of the time, we are on the *exact* same wavelength and he expresses it pretty much exactly how I would… were I (1) able to express myself as well as he does and (2) still posting at AoSHQ…

So I guess we approve of anti-male bigotry at AoS now?

Cause don’t kid yourself – that’s what this is. That’s what you’re defending. You can make yourself feel better saying “it’s not anti-male, it’s pro-female”, but that’s bullshit and you know it. It’s both. You can’t have one without the other.

I don’t want to be a part of a conservative party that seeks to exploit bigotry for its own purposes. If the woman were the more conservative candidate, I’d be all for her. But to throw the more conservative candidate overboard because he doesn’t have a vajayjay? Why don’t we just -be- Democrats.


Posted by: Qwinn at November 23, 2009 06:21 PM

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One of the Best Descriptions of a Liberal I Have Ever Read

Heh. And it comes from Jon David at Big Hollywood in his write-up about “My Weekly Date with a Liberal – Date #2”:

You’re not one of those people who thinks it’s disrespectful for Obama to take his jacket off in the Oval Office, are you?

Ah… the condescending negative question… a technique used by the arrogant by which any answer other than “no” labels you an idiot. So I applied the technique of answering a question with a question, often used by smart people.

Why do you think people were so bothered by that? I asked.

Her answer… wait for it… here it comes…: because Republicans are uptight a**holes who can’t handle the fact that we have a cool President. Taking off his jacket makes him one of the people as opposed to some King on a throne.

She was apparently participating in a scarcely known cerebral cap and trade program, whereby she was rewarded for using the least amount of her brain possible… by limiting the amount of intelligent thought escaping into the atmosphere she was accumulating credits. I could only assume she’d be getting an unprecedented tax refund.

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Simply.awesome. Heh.

His reply to her is even better:

And I don’t think Obama’s cool. Taking his jacket off in the Oval doesn’t make him one of the People. It makes him pompous and disrespectful. He’s no more one of the People than I’m Tenzing Norgay. Obama seems like a guy who won the lead in the school play and he terrifies me. Not to mention he uses more adverbs than any orator since Cicero. Everything this guy does will be done “boldly” and “swiftly,” including the destruction of our country if we’re not careful.


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Sometimes We Need to Look in the Mirror and Ask Ourselves What the Hell it is That We’re Doing Wrong

I was going through some old e-mails I had from people with whom I used to talk on MySpace and came across one from a lady who was kind enough to give me some relationship advice. She was an ‘older’ woman, and our ‘relationship’ was kind of like a grandson-grandmother ‘relationship’. We networked based on our similar political interests and principles and then bonded further based on the person and man she saw me to be in my blog postings and comments. Considering all my grandparents had passed on, it was nice having this ‘friendship’ with her and having access to her sage and wise advice.

In this particular instance, I was having difficulty coming to terms with a long-term pen-pal ‘friendship’ I had been having with a girl I ‘met’ online in college 10 years previously. Throughout those 10 years, I had developed a ‘crush’ on her, but nothing ever came of it and we never met in person. But I still felt ‘drawn’ to her for whatever reason, based on things we would share online and then on the phone when we talked. All that came crashing down when, for the first time, we discussed politics right before the 2008 Presidential elections and I found out she (1) was a HUGE Obama-lover and (2) had the same attitude about America as Michelle Obama, saying she could not feel proud to say she was American.

This all threw me for a loop and I was having trouble dealing with all my current emotions about this and reconciling it all with the previous 10 years of our ‘friendship’. Well, in steps ‘Grandma S’ with her advice. It was great then and it was great to read it again a year later and feel glad that I followed her advice regarding Amy.

Although, I’ve pretty much accepted the idea that I will be alone. But, maybe someone else will happen across this blog posting, read the advice and have it help them to realize they should change things in their life for the better.

You will be glad to know… That I decided to no longer keep up contact with Amy. I’ve had it twisting myself into multiple pretzels, putting myself through emotional hell, putting up with her bullsh!t. The last straw for me was when she put this in her last e-mail:

“And yes, the political stuff going on is exciting and frustrating (to Republicans especially!) I am just really excited to have taken part in such a historic election. No matter who was elected, it was going to make history and to me, that is exciting. To think at my age, I am witnessing something so huge and so historic makes me proud of where I am from (and I don’t say that often!) So regardless of political affiliation, I hope you are at least able to see the history and be proud to be a part of it!!!!!”

Anyone who has felt there was no good reason to say they felt proud to be American up until now will no longer be in my circle of friends or acquaintances. I’ve f-ing had it with these immature ingrateful bastards. I see now, plainly and clearly, that she was never who I thought she was, I had made up an image in my mind, but she has always been a spoiled, selfish, self-centered, lying cold-hearted bitch. Well, she is now one less bitch I have in my life.

Sorry for the language, but if it means anything, I have been using much, much worse in my mind as I have been thinking about this since she sent me that last night. I was already pissed at her and that just sent me over the edge.

Anyway, just thought you might like to know. You asking me “what kind of person would put up with that” really opened my eyes to realize what I was doing. I knew it, but I guess I never had anyone remind me that me putting up with this sh!t from women reflects on my poor character and my poor choices and the poor person that I am. Well, no more. I may be alone forever, but I’d rather be alone with my pride and principles intact than groveling to these self-centered bitches.

Hey there sweet one …

First, I’m happy for you that you have finally reached this point, but allow me to explain what I meant by that statement.

We humans find a comfort zone. In places, where we choose to live, and the personalities we’re drawn to. In a mate, as I have mentioned before, we are first drawn to a person, usually for their outward beauty … which is natural. There is a honeymoon period where that attraction is sustained, for a while. It is also during that period of time that we are only allowed to see the outward side of a person. That is a protection measure because we all want to project all that is good and right and attractive about us.

In time, people begin showing you who and what they’re all about. During, what I call those illuminating times, we hear and see characteristics that may annoy us, or even make us take pause. However … because we are so entrenched in our feelings, we usually overlook, or dismiss what we just heard and saw.

And during all this time, we are *happy* because we are not alone. We don’t realize it at the time, but we are already compromising our own ideals, even the ones that matter the most to us.

How many times have you heard about, or known a woman who’s boyfriend/husband abuses her … sometimes for years, and yet, she stays. There’s a reason for that. That man didn’t begin their relationship by abusing her. He began the abuse with words. Words that he always apologized for, because he “didn’t mean it.” She, because that wasn’t the man she knew and fell in love with, could never really mean the horrible things he said to her. Time goes by … and it escalates. He has now hit her, but by then, his years of verbal abuse did what he intended it to do. She is now an emotional sick puppy with not an ounce of self worth or self esteem left. He has told her for a long time that she’s nothing, and now she believes it.

I wish I could forget how many times I saw children of all ages hanging on their daddy’s leg begging the officer not to take my daddy to jail … even though that same daddy battered, bruised and broke the bones of that same child.

There’s that comfort zone. It’s what we know, and are used to. I know, sounds sick. Trust me, it is. And heartbreaking.

Now … Why am I going off half cocked with stories like this? Because all of us to some degree can allow ourselves to be sucked in to that same comfort zone time and time again. We are drawn to the same personality, over and over again because it’s what we know, and are comfortable with.

I can promise you this Mike … God did not knit you in your Mother’s womb just to tell you that He made you to live your life alone. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what the hell it is that we’re doing wrong. There is NO reason you should be meeting, and cuddling up with the same type of woman time after time. YOU ARE SPECIAL and yes, there IS the right woman out there for you. And more importantly, she’s been waiting for you for a LONG time.

So now what’s next? You need some time. Time to figure out what just happened with Amy, because you need to understand why you not only chose her in the first place, but yes, why you put up with her for so long. Right now, you have a major chip on your shoulder, but that’s understandable.

You are not short on character Mike. You’re not short on anything.

Listen … I am next to the youngest of five. The first four of us were girls. I’m going to fast forward here …

I ended up being the one who received the phone calls FOR YEARS, asking me to solve the most mundane of problems. I was the one who, for 7 1/2 years, spent every day with two of those sisters during their chemo treatments until they finally died. I was the only conservative in the whole family, because the others were entrenched in the days of Kennedy, and too damn lazy and self centered to even try to get the facts. I was the one in a crowded room of a huge family that was ridiculed for my political views and stances, even when I proved to them they were wrong. I was the one who, on one occasion walked out the door in front of that huge family on what was supposed to be a family filled celebration … crying. I was my husband’s eye candy … for thirty years. I was ………

So Mike, I hope you take these words how they’re meant, for they come from the right place, and never to be hurtful. This is not the time to throw in the towel. It’s the time to take that time I spoke of. Then, it’s time to step out of that comfort zone. The next time you’re drawn to a woman, take a step back, and a deep breath, and ask yourself …… why.

To close … J and I have belly laughs every time we speak of Simon Cowell. He’s our favorite. Why? Because he’s a *bad boy.* However, we use guys like that as eye candy, among other things, but that’s where it stops. Bad boys are just that. Bad. And the same with bad girls. You’re drawn to them for those reasons, but you only look, but not touch. Because … we know they’d be bad for us in the end.

I’m glad Amy finally sent you over the edge. I’d thank her if I could. You’re a great guy Mike, and it’s time you also recognize that fact. 🙂 You have looks, a brain, and a great heart. And, being conservative is a plus … 🙂

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