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One of the Best Descriptions of a Liberal I Have Ever Read

Heh. And it comes from Jon David at Big Hollywood in his write-up about “My Weekly Date with a Liberal – Date #2”:

You’re not one of those people who thinks it’s disrespectful for Obama to take his jacket off in the Oval Office, are you?

Ah… the condescending negative question… a technique used by the arrogant by which any answer other than “no” labels you an idiot. So I applied the technique of answering a question with a question, often used by smart people.

Why do you think people were so bothered by that? I asked.

Her answer… wait for it… here it comes…: because Republicans are uptight a**holes who can’t handle the fact that we have a cool President. Taking off his jacket makes him one of the people as opposed to some King on a throne.

She was apparently participating in a scarcely known cerebral cap and trade program, whereby she was rewarded for using the least amount of her brain possible… by limiting the amount of intelligent thought escaping into the atmosphere she was accumulating credits. I could only assume she’d be getting an unprecedented tax refund.

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Simply.awesome. Heh.

His reply to her is even better:

And I don’t think Obama’s cool. Taking his jacket off in the Oval doesn’t make him one of the People. It makes him pompous and disrespectful. He’s no more one of the People than I’m Tenzing Norgay. Obama seems like a guy who won the lead in the school play and he terrifies me. Not to mention he uses more adverbs than any orator since Cicero. Everything this guy does will be done “boldly” and “swiftly,” including the destruction of our country if we’re not careful.



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