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Sarah Palin is Unstoppable. You Misunderestimate Her at Your Peril.

Mrs. Peel gives a great, positive review of Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue. Her general feeling about Mrs. Palin after reading the book:

Last year was not the first time Sarah has failed. She knows how to learn from failure. She’s done it before, and she’s doing it again right now.

If she runs for President, she will win.

That’s what comes out of this book for me: this woman is unstoppable.

You misunderestimate her at your peril.

She also provides a great explanation of why Sarah Palin resigned her position as Governor of Alaska earlier this year. I share her opinion that it was a net positive for (1) Alaskans (2) Sarah Palin personally (3) Sarah Palin politically and (4) Americans in general, as she has been the most active in working against President Obamao’s and his Marxist minion’s efforts to destroy America from within.

I don’t think resigning was a mistake. Since she resigned, she’s been able to control the debate from Facebook, and Sean Parnell is continuing her policies (and has the 80% approval rate she had before the campaign). What she wants done is getting done, and it’s not costing Alaska and Alaskans millions in prosecuting these frivolous ethics complaints.

So, benefits of resigning:
1. Her agenda for Alaska is being implemented.
2. Alaska’s resources aren’t being wasted on frivolous complaints.
3. She’s able to do her book tour, which helps rehabilitate her image, without detracting from her duties as governor.
4. She’s able to influence the debate on topics like health care. Again, she’s doing that from Facebook.

1. Some people think it was a bad idea.

Resigning was the right thing to do, for Alaska (which she puts first) and for herself.


November 26, 2009 , 11:52PM - Posted by | Conservatism, Sarah Palin


  1. Thanks for visiting & linking.

    Hmm, I should have mentioned that I know “misunderestimate” is not actually a word. I do think it’s a great portmanteau, though.

    Comment by Mrs. Peel | November 27, 2009 , 1:36PM

    • Yeah, I know it is not a word, but I like to leave it without any quotes around it, just to irritate the Left.

      Comment by michaelinmi | November 27, 2009 , 1:37PM

  2. I am an old guy approaching 70 but I love Miss Sarah AND your Blog.

    Comment by Ike Jakson | January 8, 2010 , 3:06PM

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