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Batman is Positive for Boys. Twilight is Toxic for Girls.

Great comment left in reply to the many Twilight fangirls who had their wittle feewings hoited by this great post about the bad lessons girls could potentially learn from the Twilight series:

“Yeah, like I’m waiting for your follow-up. What Unfortunate Lessons Boys Learn from the Bond, Bourne, Die Hard, Spiderman, Bat Man, X-Men, Transformers etc. series. I guess won’t be holding my breath though. ;)”

The lessons of Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Bourne, Taken, etc. are overall positive for boys and men and Twilight toxic for girls.

From Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Bourne, etc. are the lessons that men must ENDURE: hardship both physical and emotional, while not expressing emotion, and that physical strength must be tempered by CONTROL. That the world can be often ugly and violent, and a man’s response is to respond in kind to REDUCE the violence (by defeating the villains). Much of the stuff in these movies (and source material) is not about the fighting, rather it is the decision to risk death by DECIDING to fight. Instead of walking away. While still operating within acceptable moral limits.

Boys need these stories, they tell them how to act to control their superior physical strength and prevent their emotions (just as strong as women) from running them. When a girl gets angry and hits a boy, no big deal, she’s not very strong. Different story for a guy.

Twilight is not that far off either from all those Rom Cons such as “Awful Truth” or “27 Dresses” or “the Proposal,” fairly toxic messages for girls/women to embrace lust (and a man’s status/power) as markers for romantic decision making. Call them the anti-Jane Austen.

Men like stories that show them how to channel their strength to win admiration of other men and the girl. Women like stories that show them how to nab the bad boy. There’s your difference.


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