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What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Daughter Married a Communist?

Wow. I can’t imagine having to deal with this situation. My first thought, though, is wondering why on earth would my daughter marry such a person? I honestly would start questioning the worldview and political ideology of my daughter in this situation. I mean, it’s one thing to simply be a Democrat or be liberal, but to be full-blown Communist — which is anti-Capitalism and anti-American at its core — is quite another. That’s serious business and I don’t blame this guy one bit for throwing him out of his house. I wouldn’t want to share company with someone who proudly is against everything for which America stands.

All that said, does anyone have any advice for this poor guy? I can’t imagine having to put up with this situation.

How can one not become an emotional wreck upon finding that the man who married his daughter is not just a little to the left, but indeed a full blown communist? I have argued the facts, made case by case analysis, and actually thought I was getting through to him… all the time thinking he was little more than a “dumb kid” with idealistic tendencies. A smart dumb one at that. (if you know what I mean..)

I am at this time truly distraught at this “discovery..”

I threw him out tonight. Thanksgiving.. Family present, daughter objecting to my treatment of him, and now I am possibly losing contact with her, after she and he made the trip to visit for the holiday from Oregon. Doing so in a near apoplectic fit, and raising my voice unfortunately as much as I ever have.. in all likelihood.

In my eyes he is real piece of work.

He hid this from my wife and I.. Saying only that he thought health care was a “right.” I am not a monster.. I know people are under this misconception. At the time where I point-by-point explained the logical consequence of how enforcement of that perceived “RIGHT” relinquishes others of theirs, also questioning him about whether he believes in private property rights, he finally admitted his “permanent position” with three words; “I’m a communist.” Embellishing with “you are not changing my mind..”

As if that statement makes it OK. I reminded him that communism, under Mao for example has killed more than 23 million (I was wrong.. it was 65 million) didn’t faze him, didn’t matter, not wavering and frankly didn’t care.. drove me over the edge.. My anger and disgust for such an ignorant belief set didn’t allow me to continue on any measure of civil discourse, and he was told to leave, upsetting my wife, my daughter, and I am sure him.. to some extent.

He’s trying to grapple with what to do regarding his relationship with his daughter. I honestly have no idea what I would do in this situation. Hopefully there are others out there though who could offer him some good advice?


November 27, 2009 , 1:30AM - Posted by | Communism, Healthcare, Marriage, Relationships

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