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Where Has Our Common Sense Gone?

I’ve been wondering about this lately myself. After reading this great essay talking about the effects of the feminist movement and the ‘sexual revolution’ on the behavior of women over the past 4 decades, I got to thinking about how people come to their decisions to get married. How do they determine they are “in love”? How do they determine what separates someone from just a ‘lover’ to someone with whom one wants to spend the rest of their life?

Just taking a cursory look around, it seems like women don’t make very good decisions with regards to marriage nowadays. And this is a prime example of that:

Women say that he needs to have a house, car, and a good job … so if he doesn’t, he’s not good enough? Whatever happened to a man that is thoughtful, caring, and willing to take care of you? He is willing to accept you with all of your flaws and imperfections. The same holds true for men … how come, all of a sudden, the woman you married is not good enough? Now those hips you once loved are too big. The baby weight is unbearable. The woman who supported you through graduate school, bore your children … is not enough?

Where has our common sense gone?

I wish I knew.

Also, as he notes, it’s not just women who don’t seem to make good rational choices when it comes to a true companion for marriage. Men seem to decide to marry women for all the wrong reasons. Sad.


November 27, 2009 , 7:35PM - Posted by | Love, Marriage, Relationships, Romance

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