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Just Hiring Blacks and Latinos Doesn’t Fix Anything. The Problem is Endemic.

Spot-on comment from Rusty Shackleford in the comments to this post at Sweetness & Light: Google Sorry For Image Of Michelle Obama

My reverie was broken by the appearance of Sergey, … He suggested that I go with them to their TGIF assembly, … when all of Google’s employees got together … David explained that these were the new hires, … At least half of the group looked Asian; a large percentage of the whites had Eastern European names. As far as I could tell, not one was black or Latino. Later, walking back to my car, I mentioned this to David and he nodded. —Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope (pg 138-142)

As always, the boy is a keen observer on how “all this applies to him”. And, as always, the rest of the passage indicates treating the symptoms, not the disease.

Just hiring blacks and latinos doesn’t fix anything. The problem is endemic. The problem goes to a deep-seated and heavy indoctrination that being smart, or engaging in smart activities is a “betrayal of your roots” or some such BS. It’s the cool kids tripping the nerd in the lunchroom on a grand scale.

For Blacks, respect is rated in the following order:

pro sports jock
street thug rapper
gangster movie creep
(special bonus points if you can combine any or all of the above)
criminal on a national level (same applies for mix-n-match)
fathering more children than anyone else
social agitator
general nuisance/comedian (Sinbad, Cris Rock, etc)

In black and latino culture the “baddest” mo-fo’s get the street cred and the hero worship.

As long as they continue to give credit to such people, then the disease will prosper.


November 28, 2009 , 3:30PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Liberalism, Racism


  1. I hope you haven’t tried that on AOS. You’ll be branded with the cherished “racist” label…

    Comment by jacksdad1 | November 28, 2009 , 4:36PM

    • Heh, yeah, I’ve learned to just not care what anyone at AoSHQ thinks about me, considering they all have enough issues of their own to be passing judgement on others about anything.

      Comment by Michael in MI | November 28, 2009 , 9:13PM

  2. Generalizations suck, I get real tired of them. America is the place to be if you like them. Black people are bad workers, white people are ignorant, latinos are macho, asians are intelligent. This gets old.

    The fact is, everyone is different. In every race/ethnicity you find patterns, but even these patterns vary from place to place.

    Take the following comment: “In black and latino culture the “baddest” mo-fo’s get the street cred and the hero worship.” This is not only a generalization, this is an extremely narrow minded opinion based on very limited exposure, in part, to the spanish-speaking world. I won’t speak for blacks, but I will speak for latinos. Is the person who wrote this article aware that spanish is spoken in 21+ countries across europe, africa, south america, central america, and the caribbean? Latinos come in all races/ethnicities: white, mestizo, mulatto, black, and asian. The black Colombian is no closer to being African than the white American, the white blonde blue-eyed Ecuatorian is no closer to being American than the black African. Diverse universities are a great place to observe these realities, there you will find that groups form amongs immigrants of all ethnicities based on culture, heritage, interests, and other factors.

    I would not expect the person who wrote this article to understand what i’m talking about. I guarantee the response will state the contrary however.

    I’m hispanic, a software engineer, a graduate student in computer science, happily married at the young age of 23, and well integrated into Philadelphia culture. I’m not the exception, i’m your refutation.

    Comment by cmario00 | January 26, 2010 , 6:34PM

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