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DEC 13, 2009: Hollywood & The History Channel Promote Marxism (UPDATED)

UPDATE 12/09/2009: Here’s yet another example of America-hating from Howard Zinn… going on Iranian TV to blame America for the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. This sort of dementia will be on full display on The People Speak. Brilliant. Thanks so much, History Channel.

Via Big Hollywood: VIDEO: Howard Zinn Blames America For 9/11 on Iranian TV

Oh, and if that was not enough for you, Howard Zinn is working to get these pro-Marxism, anti-American messages and lessons into the nation’s public schools:  Kids to Meet Marx in School — Care of Hollywood and The History Channel

For pre-Kindergarten thru High School age students.  And considering our current President, Barack Obama, is himself a Marxist and worked with anti-American terrorist radical William Ayers on the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to spread just such messages to the children of Chicago’s public schools, I’m sure Obamarx has no problem with the plan by Zinn and The History Channel to bring these lessons to schools across the nation.



So I was going through the live updates on my Facebook wall and I notice that The History Channel Facebook page is promoting their upcoming show this December 13th called “The People Speak”. They add a video preview which has a still of Viggo Mortensen, noted liberal douchebag. So this got my skepticism going immediately.

So I decided to check out the “trailer” preview. Sure enough, another America-hating liberal douchebag, Matt Damon, is in it as well. So I immediately go to Google to find out more about this “The People Speak” show, as I know Damon and Viggo would never appear in anything which would promote a good portrayal of American history.

Sure enough, the first suggestion upon typing in “The People Speak” into google immediately comes up with noted Marxist Howard Zinn. Apparently this show is inspired by his America-hating book “The People’s History of the United States”.

So, it is not enough to have a Marxist and his merry minions in the White House and controlling Congress, but now we also need to be reminded by Hollywood Marxists this Christmas that our country’s history sucks.

Thanks, Hollywood! Thanks, History Channel!   This is just what I wanted from Santa this year!

Wow, check out the comments being left at the “The People Speak” link.  People are defending Marxist Howard Zinn’s book and calling Matt Damon “well educated”.  Well, I can now understand how we got Marxist Barack Obama as President, what with geniuses like this getting their sense of American history from Howard Zinn and Matt Damon.  Oy. Here is a sampling:

Hey Michael, Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States” is a great text, unless you’re part of the aristocratic exploitative class. It tells American history as it really was, not some John Wayne version.


People’s History is Marxist? Did you actually READ the book? I think this is a great idea. VERY FEW people like history and maybe by adding ‘celebrities’, the ‘Reality TV America’ might actually LEARN SOMETHING! I abhor TV personally and despise when people are more concerned with who is winning Dancing with the Stars than following the war in Afghanistan… but that is just me. As for celebrities, Matt Damon is very well educated and it would surprise you which celebrities have beauty AND brains (Salma Hayek anyone?). Don’t be so quick to judge something that could bring the ‘mindless masses’ into OUR fold. I embrace this as not to educate us historians but to educate those who care less about history.

As of 5:10pm ET, there were 2 people who agreed with the above comment. Oy.

OMG doesn’t anyone GET IT????? These are actors, who are trained to be ORATORS AS WELL AS ACTORS, that are reading historical documents that remind us of why we’re American in the first place!!! Have you read aloud lately? I’m sure it sounds like crap, and I would rather listen to a sexy Matt Damon or sultry Marissa Tomei than you guys belch out the declaration of independence. Did anyone even other to check out the Aniboom stuff that got done w/this? Did anyone even bother to see the trailers and open their eyes to SEE what this is? I’m all for every American owning a gun, but i’m also for equality and prosperity for all not just for Sarah Palin and her idiot crew. Everyone needs to get over themselves and shut up. If you don’t like it, stop being a fan, take your viewing elsewhere cause I’m sure History doesn’t want your support!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are your fellow Americans and part of the voting electorate. The OMG! Generation. Feel better now?

Merry Christmas, courtesy of Hollywood and The ‘History’ Channel!


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