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He’s a Chump, a Rube, a Simple-Minded Dupe

Yeah, this pretty much sums up the opinion I have had of Mike Huckabee since the Primaries last year. When he exposed his shameless bigotry for all to see, going after Mitt Romney on his Mormonism, I knew right then this guy was a flaky a-hole. Why *anyone* continues to support this jackass, I have no idea.

The first is that I find him so transparent and shameless in his manipulations that I weep for those who are somehow prey to it. He’s underhanded and mercenary and self-pitying and always manages to be nasty with that smooth, soft demeanor. I just hate his guts on a personal level. It bothers me that he’s so damned obvious about his manipulations and that many people’s bullshit detectors are so defective they fail to go off.

The second is that he is simply not savvy enough to be President. He’s a chump, a rube, a simple-minded dupe. We don’t know yet what his reasons for pardoning this particular possibly-oversentenced repeat felon are, but we know the long sordid history of his pardons: left-leaning pastors knew they only had to utter the magic words “Saved by the Grace of Christ” to Huckabee and there was a fair shot that hardened career criminals would get the Get out of Jail Free card they sought.

Can someone be this easily gulled, over and over, and yet be crafty and devious enough to defend America against a host of enemies and adversaries?

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I think he’s only capable of fooling the 20% of the country that is the most fooled by his particular act (i.e., those who want to believe the best about a man representing himself as God-fearing and morally-straight) and that’s not enough for me.

December 1, 2009 , 4:23PM - Posted by | Mike Huckabee

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