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Possessed Mazda MPV Stationwagon Murders Teenage Boy

Well, that’s the way these idiot so-called journalists make it seem (via AoSHQ):

A man had to make the terrible choice of rescuing his wife or teenage son when their car plunged into a river at the weekend.

Stacey Horton saved his wife, Vanessa, and their 13-year-old son Silva drowned in the Whanganui River.

Mid-Central police communications manager Kim Perks said today it was a very tough call for Mr Horton. “I would certainly not have wanted to be in his shoes.”

Mrs Horton, 35, was driving Silva, his best friend, Robert Palmer, 14, and the family dog when her Mazda MPV stationwagon went off Somme Parade in Wanganui and plunged down a steep 10-metre bank into the water on Saturday.

Mr Horton said he arrived at the crash scene, less than two minutes after the accident happened to hear his wife screaming in the darkness and to see Robert and the dog scrambling up the bank.

He tried to dive down to their vehicle, which was nose down, more than a metre beneath the surface, he told The Dominion Post.

So, if I am reading this correctly, these people were just driving along and then, all of a sudden, the car, all by itself, just decided to plunge into a river. Mrs. Horton was just driving along and then the car took it upon itself to go off the road and plunge this group off a bank and into the water.

Oh, and apparently the car dove in head first, as it was found ‘nose down’. Cars now have faces and noses. Who knew!

And, ya know, let this be a lesson to you. SUVs are always being called evil and accused of driving people off the road and rolling over on their own, but here we find out that Stationwagons are possessed and evil as well, just plunging their poor passengers into the river and drowning them.

Remember that next time you go car-shopping. Stationwagons are murderers.

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Sarah Palin Represents Commonsense Values to Which Independents Can Rally

Other than using the execrable David Frum as a basis for a promotion of a good conservative viewpoint, this is a pretty good article by Ted Belman at The American Thinker: The Palin Brand

Sarah Palin represents commonsense values that Independents can rally to. She eschews the party and its brand and embraces the people and their values.

So what are these values?

1. Energy: “Drill, baby, drill”; “Exploit all the above.”

2. Economy: “Stop digging the hole deeper” and unleash the private sector.

3. Health care: She favors competition, tort reform, and waste reduction.

4. Environment: She rejects cap-and-trade. She favors environmentally sensitive development.

5. Security: Support the armed services and let them do their job. Don’t lower your guard. Specifically, stand by your allies, win in Afghanistan, and treat terrorists as terrorists, not citizens.

6. Israel: Build, baby, build. She supports the right of Jews to build in Judea and Samaria. She rejects Obama’s racist policy of telling the Jews where they cannot live. She is a harsh critic of Ahmedinejad and his government and faults Obama for not supporting the Iranian opposition.

7. Patriotism: Patriotism is good, not bad. America is good, not bad. The Constitution must be protected and upheld.

8. Social issues: She supports life (not “death panels”), the weak (including challenged children and the elderly), hard work (not entitlement), and private-sector charity (rather then government handouts).

9. Ethics: Accountability over cronyism.

Not only do these values appeal to Palin’s base, but they also appeal to Middle America, to Independents, and even to Democrats. On all these issues, Obama and the Democrats have set themselves up for a fall. Palin is on the right side of these issues and everyone knows it.

The Left in America doesn’t so much reject these values as they rejects Palin herself. In fact, they ignore her message and set up straw-man values for her that they can attack. The Left is struggling to brand Palin as a Christian fundamentalist, God forbid — an idiot, a know-nothing, a racist, and anything else with a negative connotation.

Palin is effectively galvanizing and rebranding the Conservative movement and making it her own. Who better to lead it than she? The GOP will ultimately adopt her brand and her as leader.

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