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Why Does Obama Get a Pass on Something So Easy to Clear Up?

Excellent comment regarding the Barack Obama birth certificate issue, left at this post at AoSHQ:

The entire premise of Ace’s argument is pretty much nonsense. It equates three things as being equal: 9/11 Truthers, Trig Truthers, and the Nirthers.

They are not even close to being the same. 9/11 Truthers are insane nuts who will never accept any “proof” to dissuade them from their theories, er, “questions”. Trig Truthers at least started with a premise that was physically possible, then proved how insane and nuts they are by refusing to accept the proof that was provided when Trip came along. These people are just plain insane nut jobs. The fact that they are functionally literate and can support themselves doesn’t change the fact that they’re crazy.

The closet comparison with the Nirther “conspiracy” is the John Kerry military records “cover-up”. It’s a controversy that could be cleared up very easily if the person with authority simply allowed the records to be released. End of story. Oh, sure, there would still be some nutjobs who would claim the records were forgeries, but you’ll always have those people around any story.

John Kerry refused to sign the form 180 that would allow the media access to his unfiltered military records. He never did sign it as far as I know, even though I have read many claims that he did. Why?

And the bigger question which pertains to today: why is it that the media went through every scrap of paper related to George W. Bush’s military career (after he did sign the release forms) to such an extent that we all know he had a dentist appointment in Alabama on a Saturday, but nobody to this day knows why it took Kerry 6 years after his “tour of duty” was supposed to end before he got an honorable discharge?

That’s the real story behind Obama’s birth certificate. Not that he doesn’t have a copy. Most people his age probably don’t have an original copy of their birth certificates. The real story is why won’t he allow it to be released and why does the media simply not give a shit?

Palin made the same comparison that Rush did when he described what he has to go through in New York to avoid being taxed there. Remember Ann Coulter being accused a few years ago of voting in a district she no longer lived in?

Why? Why does Obama get such a pass on something that would be so easy to clear up? And why is it only the people who wonder why he gets a pass considered just as nutty as 9/11 Truthers and gay men obsessed with a womans vagina?

Posted by: Jaynie59 at December 04, 2009 04:42 PM

Ugh. Sad, but true:

ace, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, but when New Jersey and New York had a NON-CITIZEN on their Presidential ballots (not a non-natural born citizen, but a guy who is not even an American, in any sense) then it is clear that no one is checking anything – not in those states, and as it turns out, not in any other states, either. That’s pretty friggin’ pathetic and should make blood shoot out of everyone’s eyes. Then, for the courts to slam any voting citizen as not having standing to demand that those states and entities must check what the law says they must check (because the courts have decided that no one is harmed by having ineligible people in federal office – while they grant standing to every imbecile who bitches that standardized tests are secretly biased against his cultural environment … and odd looks constitute “harm” in the workplace) just goes to a sort of crazy that you used to have to go to the USSR to experience.

We are being killed by political correctness – which is all this is and why it wasn’t handled back during the campaign. It will be a very painful death, too. That’s okay, though. There will be a monetary disaster and states will secede to form a decent nation that follows the rule of law and respects the American creed. This nation, however, is pretty much toast.

Posted by: progressoverpeace at December 04, 2009 06:01 PM

Some good points made here:

yeah but it’s only the birth certificate where you have any arguable legal right to demand to see them.

Then why have all other modern Presidents released medical and college records. Even Hillary had to unleash her college thesis on Alinsky she’d been hiding for years when she ran. It may not be a legal mandate but it sure is a tradition of transparency Barry should live up to. Since he’s a tax-funded public servant he should cough it up. He isn’t God. No special rules for special people.

Further, none of that other stuff could possibly result in the goal ultimately sought — disqualification from the presdiency.

That’s not my goal. Nor is it I suspect the goal of many. I just want the damn secrets to end. I mean, hell, what the fudge was he doing in Pakistan in the 80’s? More insight into his past will give us more insight in the man. Who knows how deep that hideous rabbit hole goes.

I want to see his contract with Bill Ayers re: editing services. But I have no way to compel that.

But you do it’s called journalistic investigation. The whole point of journalism is report things people want to keep secret! Am I saying you personally have to do it? No. But when a valid investigator does bring up credible and sometimes damning evidence most right-wing sites treat it as another nutball on a nutwing site says more nutty stuff. The man says he’s got British citizenship in his own book, but to the right Birtherism is like garlic to a vampire or Joy Behar to humanity – repulsive.

Eh. The media, when they’ve brought up Trutherism (rarely), have dismissed it as unfounded and silly. I don’t know if they’re obligated to “look into” every silly theory.

Please don’t compare assclowns saying Bush and the Jews murdered 3000 people on 9/11 with people who see Obama actively hiding his past and demanding truth. Beyond being pretty twisted, the Truther conspiracy ha been proven false. No one has any damning proof against Obama not meeting natural born citizenship requirements. Hell my main argument is for him to release proof in the form of records. Birthers aren’t kooks fighting against fact and logic. We are people fighting against a cloud of secrecy form a man proven to hide the most heinous of actions and hideous of associations. Big bloody difference. Saying I have no evidence only reinforces my point. I want evidence. I want confirmation one way or the other. And to say it’s silly to demand it from a sitting President is silly form anyone claiming to support the constitution in any way shape and form. Having an illegitimate Prez might be an important thing to know.

And Obama’s Mother wasn’t seen in Hawaii for months before her delivery and months afterwards back at her college. Your logic depends on her being sound and rational. She was a America-hating hippie who married an abusive alcoholic and was probably only too glad to abandon this nation. The father wouldn’t mind him being born in Kenya either. As the report I linked to above in the URL section points out getting a Birth Certificate was ridiculously easy even for those outside the country. Only by releasing the actual certificate will we know what form of birth reporting was used.

Posted by: ChicagoJedi at December 04, 2009 06:53 PM

December 4, 2009 , 8:23PM - Posted by | Barack Obama


  1. Is this “Conservative”, “throat-slashing”, wanna-be Allah P fraud serious?? He said:

    “…If you care, what she said pretty much tracks with my own statements: No, I don’t believe he was born in Kenya, no, I don’t believe there is some massive conspiracy, but yes, people have a right to know these things for a fact and not a belief, and yes, he’s being sketchy about this for whatever reason, and yes, people have the right to ask questions and demand proof…”

    We suddenly have been granted the “right” to ask questions and demand proof by this POS? Since when? Since Sarah has gotten too popular for him to continue to dismiss her? The idea that his “morons” still go there, and still support this joker is indicative of how big a mess this country is in, and why. People are incapable of seeing the Big Picture. “I get to curse here? Kewl!!”

    What a joke. I no longer post there (having grown tired of being called a racist for questioning the “Black Community” and being called a Birther for questioning the Usurper-in-Chief, etc, but I do occasionally read some, just to reinforce my sense of righteousness in finding “Ace” a total fraud.

    Again. When this thing ends, if it ends with us still having a USA, Ace and Drew will claim to have been responsible for keepin it real.


    Comment by jacksdad1 | December 5, 2009 , 12:39PM

    • The idea that his “morons” still go there, and still support this joker is indicative of how big a mess this country is in, and why. People are incapable of seeing the Big Picture. “I get to curse here? Kewl!!”
      Yeah, I was just telling someone that I have finally realized that the website is not conservative at all, but rather just made up of a bunch of squishy ‘moderates’ who curse. They basically just read to get their ‘news’ and then repost the stories adding crude and vulgar narrative. Brilliant.

      There are much better websites out there now, ie American Thinker, American Thinker Blog, Gateway Pundit, etc. No need to waste any more time there. Especially when none of them seem to bother to get active in doing anything to stop this trainwreck in our government, yet use their blog influence to attack those who are using their influence to try to stop this… Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush, Tea Party attendees, etc.

      Meh, whatever. Just not worth the time anymore.

      Comment by Michael in MI | December 9, 2009 , 5:52PM

    • Also, what’s ironic, after having been cast out as a ‘boring’, ‘verbose’ ‘concern troll’ by the ‘morons’, I can see the same group-think, cliquish behavior on that site as I did on LGF and HotAir. It seems that when a blog gets popular enough, the popularity goes to their heads and they think more of themselves than they actually are. Same with the commenters. LGF called themselves ‘lizards’, AoSHQ calls themselves ‘morons’. It’s just a different way of having special exclusive status.

      (Ironically though, I don’t believe there is a cute nickname for those who comment at HotAir. I don’t believe they have named themselves anything. Go figure.)

      What always makes for a good laugh is when people cast judgement on others based on a few comments on a blog. It takes the form of ‘funny’ when they just assume a ‘troll’ is some teen posting from his mother’s basement. But they then take that mentality and assume things about everyone else who comments on the blog as well. Those they like are of course thought of as perfect and good people who can do no wrong, while those they don’t like are assumed to be losers with no life, who of course, based on the few comments they’ve posted on a blog, have relationship issues.

      The protection of anonymity on the web affects people in many different ways… not all of them good.

      Comment by Michael in MI | December 9, 2009 , 6:00PM

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