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Always the Man’s Fault

Comment by a female on a blog:

I’m a flirt, too. And a tease.

But I like having fun. Some guys don’t seem to get when I’m just having fun and take me a little too seriously.

Yeah. And women like this also turn around and wonder why guys don’t pick up on their ‘subtle hints’ and flirts when they are showing genuine interest in the guy.

So, on the one hand, the guy is at fault for misinterpreting her flirting, teasing and “having fun” as interest. On the other hand, the guy — having dealt with enough women “having fun”, now decides to assume most girls do that — is still also at fault for not picking up on ‘subtle’ hints and flirting showing genuine interest by the woman.

Of course, it’s never females’ fault for “having fun” and treating dating and relationships like a game, such that guys have not the first clue what is going on.

Nah. It’s always the man’s fault.


December 8, 2009 , 12:31AM - Posted by | Life, Relationships, Romance

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