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Who’s Throwing Anyone Overboard?

I continue to read people on right-of-center blogs say that conservatives who do not want social liberalism in the conservative movement are “throwing people overboard”.


Let’s take their “overboard” literally and make the conservative movement a ship. Right now, the ship is being captained by certain people with certain principles: small government, tax cuts for businesses, strong national defense, anti-amnesty, pro-life/anti-abortion, man-woman marriage, etc. This ship allows anyone on board who believes in all or some of these basic conservative principles.

All of a sudden, some of the passengers go to the captain and ask to take the ship in a different direction. They want to go in the GLBT-movement and pro-choice direction. The captain does not see any reason to go off course and denies their request to change course.

Now, he does not “throw them overboard”, but simply denies their request to change course.

So, how is it that “not changing course” is now being called “throwing people overboard”?

If the GLBT-movement conservatives and pro-abortion conservatives are leaving the ship, it is by their own accord, not because they were “thrown overboard”.

Telling someone they cannot steer the ship is not the same as “throwing them overboard”.


December 17, 2009 , 2:37PM - Posted by | Conservatism, GLBT Movement, Homosexual Movement, Liberalism, Marriage

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