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The Primary Reason I Could Never Date a Liberal

This is just disgusting:

Heartless Progressives Send Message to Tim Tebow: We Wish You Were Never Born

Hatemonger Joy Behar: Tim Tebow Could Just as Easily Been ‘Rapist Pedophile’ (Video)

And this is the Number 1 reason I could never, and would never, date a liberal. Liberals see a potential life as a negative, as a hindrance to them, as something that will ruin their lives and, apparently, as potential evil.

They never stop to think that all life has the potential for good. Each new life has the potential to bring us someone who could find the cure for cancer, someone who could be the next great President, someone simply who could change the world for the better in their own small way.

Nope, for liberals, each new life has the potential to bring us rapist pedophiles. To them, life is a bad thing and it must be snuffed out through abortion. Not only that, but all success stories must also be snuffed out through censorship, so that others may not be brought the message of life and hope and love and potential.

Pro-abortion/”choice” liberals are some the most disgusting, despicable people alive. How anyone could look at life in such a cold-hearted, calculating and unfeeling manner is simply baffling to me.

Some comments from the second link with which I completely agree:

He puts a name/face to a “proposed abortion”. The fact that he’s made great achievements makes him even more of a problem for the “choice” (irony-alert) crowd. The anonymity of the child (see constant references to “the fetus”) marginalizes the life in their opinion. Of course, that logic is built on sand, but that’s all they have.


This reveals what those of us that stand for the unborn have known for a long time. That the term “pro-choice” is really misleading, we should call the advocates of abortion on demand, “pro-abortion” and in an absolutist sense. The only “choice” they will tolerate is the one that ends in the death of the unborn baby. I also blog for a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Whittier, California and Liberals want to close them down so the only alternative to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy is to get an abortion.

Also, it is truly sad that adoption does not even enter into the pro-abortion absolutist vocabulary. And if it does, it must include adopting to homosexual couples, even making pro-life adoption agencies close down that do not adopt to such couples. Yes, Liberals and by extension most Democrats see abortion as inherently good and seek to demonize anyone who thinks otherwise. Remember the abortion ad that called abortion sacred work?


Pro-death women believe they should have the right to decide what is best for their life, but they fail to admit the fact that their decision to take the life of the child they carry means they have taken the right of the unborn to be given life. It is the most selfish and cruel act a woman can commit against another human being, and they want to shut up anyone else who points out that they are horrible, evil people.


A woman has the choice to have sex or not, and if she becomes pregnant her choice is to give birth and keep the baby or to give birth and put the baby up for adoption.

When women have sex they don’t have to take the necessary preventative precautions because in the back of their mind they know that if they do become pregnant, they can just abort their baby. How does this line of thinking help prevent pregnancies? It is before-and-after birth control.


The essense of pro-choice is supposed to be choice: in the Roe v. Wade era, most people choose to carry their pregnancy to term.

If you are in favor of choice, you must be in favor of people opting NOT to abort.

If you want a woman to make a fully informed decision, you must let her know that people who could have chosen to abort opted to continue their pregnancy.

Let Tebow speak.


I’m not sure what all the Hullabaloo is about. The pro-murder crowd gets to spout their spiel; why can’t the pro-life folks get at least an equal opportunity to recognize one of the beautiful human beings they didn’t kill!

I often wonder which one of the murdered babies God had designated to discover the cure for cancer.

I know a woman whose husband was “missing and presumed dead” during WWII. She was left destitute, sickly and pregnant. Despite having no job and no other means of support, she carried her Son and delivered him on August 21, 1945.

Thank You, Mom.


It can’t be pro-”CHOICE” unless there are at least two options. If the pro-choice crowd is so violently opposed to Tebow’s story of life, then the pro-choice crowd should drop the charade and rename itself pro-abortion.

By calling themselves pro-choice they are acknowledging that there is an alternative to abortion that you can choose, but they only see one of those choices as “right”.

You have the right to choose whether or not to abort. If you abort we’ll cheer you on, but if you choose life we won’t congratulate you on your choice to try to raise your baby, we’ll demean and denigrate you for not killing it.

If every woman aborted her baby, where would we be?


Why is Matt and his family’s story of “Choosing Life” such a threat to these radical pro abortion groups? Power and cash. If more women choose life, they lose money and control. If fewer women choose abortion, they get fewer fetuses to kill. Their means (revenue) and their message (‘choosing life’ means ’stopping abortion’ and ‘making women sick’) must be absolute or like any other despotic propaganda, it puts itself in peril… the Tebow’s story exposes these radical pro abortion groups for the shams they are. Like that hockey stick graph is to Climategate, the Tebow’s story is to abortion… it debunks it as ’settled science’ on the progressive’s road to Utopia and must be told.


The ad should air.

Would it be a problem for the Progressives if Obama was making the ad and not Tebow? Stanley was young and pregnant. Her spouse was not around. Even in those days, women made the choice.


All the Progressives have to do is make their own ad. Find someone who has had an abortion (or wishes they had an abortion) and extol the virtues and great, life-changing experience it was. That should be up-lifting! (Am being sarcastic and pragmatic.)


In Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg examines in detail the sorry history of the Progressives and their fondness for eugenics, racism and intolerance. It’s must-read history.


“You prim little Christian bitches call us murderers because you can’t imagine how a woman would choose to be anything else but a bible-thumping Donna Reed.” by Eve

No, you are called murderers because women such as yourself kill their own flesh and blood in their wombs in the name of pure selfishness. Why don’t you use contraception, two or more forms, and prevent pregnancies rather than use abortion as a birth control method after the fact? It doesn’t have anything to do with being Christian; it has to do with being a decent, loving human being who treats others like they would like themselves treated. I wouldn’t even be directing this comment at you if it wasn’t for the fact that your mother gave birth to you, so be grateful for those who choose to give life rather than take it away. And for your information many great and wonderful women who have made great accomplishments are also mothers; it isn’t a choice between one or the other – women can do both.


This is the same “compassionate” crowd of progressives that cheered When it was announced that Ronald Regan had alzheimers. They are not compassionate in the least. I myself am pro-life. My real stink is don’t use public monies for YOUR choice Eve. You can be filled with hate and rage. Your sad little red wagon to pull. I just will not enable you with MY money to snuff out a life. Democrats find it O.K. to kill babies but not terrorists or death row inmates. Can you at least try and get a little consistent. One is innocent and the others got thier day in court or CHOSE to be killers (terrorists). It shows how weak your argument is.


Peeps like EVE get very agitated and militant when you challenge their ability to legally murder babies – this is their big chance to experience the exhilaration of snuffing out a life. It makes them feel GOD LIKE – even though they don’t believe in God. Funny how “progressives” are really regressive when it comes to the innocence of American children.

The left say they are the party of science, yet science itself, via 3-D ultrasound, is proving everyday that fetuses are, gasp, ALIVE!!!


How do the NOW types reconcile the excess of 22 million young males in abortion-promoting China with caring about women?

It is pretty clear that one of the unintended consequences of the War on the Unborn has been the targeting of females for the death sentence. It is clear that the advance in ultrasound technology is both a blessing and a new evil.

Many babies are brought to term once the mother sees life. Unfortunately, a number of people use the technology for evil. – basic screening to eliminate life that doesn’t fit their lifestyle.


this kind of behavior demonstrates that there is a certain breed of “pro-choice” women who are not really pro-choice. if they were, they would encourage women to hear stories like this, and yes, very often choose life.


It’s a given that every time someone is faced with a difficult pregnancy (including but not limited to potential medical problems like Mrs. Tebow’s, Down’s Syndrome, various deformities and disabilities, conception through rape) and chooses to have the child, the pro-aborts are ALWAYS disappointed. They attack the parents for making a foolish, risky, and unrealistic decision. They don’t care the if the child turns out okay after all (like Tim Tebow) or if the child is still valued and loved by his family (like Trig Palin). They made the wrong decision, dammit, and they have no business parading that decision in public!

They’re angry because they know full well what they would do if they were in the Tebows’ or Palins’ shoes. For all of their yammering about compassion, they’re not terribly compassionate toward those they deem “inferior.” They feel entitled to a perfect child who arrives perfectly on their time, if at all. People who make diffferent decisions and are happy about it make the pro-aborts feel guilty. Even if the pro-abort has not had anything to do with an abortion, there’s still guilt. And nothing drives a progressive crazier than the feeling of moral inferiority.

They want to keep selling the idea that every abortion happens for a really good reason and if not for the destruction of some bothersome “clump of cells,” the woman and her clump of cells were doomed to a life of perpetual pain and misery. Things like medical problems, rape, developmental defects, etc. give the pro-aborts a trump card, i.e. nobody would want to have a child like THAT and you’re evil for even forcing such a horror on an emotionally fragile woman. Well, the Tim Tebows of the world pop even that balloon. What justification do they have now?


I don’t know any woman who has had an abortion who hasn’t been totally damaged by the abortion FOR LIFE. This is the truth. They NEVER get over it.

Why other women support this sort of life altering, unending trauma on other women (not to mention the killing of a human being) is beyond me. Women are brainwashed into thinking that having the choice to abort makes us “stronger.” It does nothing of the sort. It damages us forever.


How much safer would the world be if the feminist movement stood up for women?

Where is the National Organization for Women? Seriously?

Oh wait… they’re actually the National Organization for Abortion Advancement… I forgot.

Where is the National Organization for Women? Seriously?
Oh wait… they’re actually the National Organization for Abortion Advancement… I forgot.

Actually Chisum, it is much simpler than they. They are the National Organization for Whatever Liberal Men Tell Us We Are To Advance.

They oppose sexual harassment, unless it is a Liberal Democrat doing it.
They oppose oppression of women, but not from Muslims.
They are pro-choice on abortion, so long as you choose abortion.


“Progressives own the Holocaust, a fact they conveniently ignore today. Funny how they make a big stink about everyone else owning up to their history, but when it comes to them, they are exempt from their own rules.”

Actually, when the logical outcome of their policies literally demonstrates pure evil, they revise history. Hitler was a right wing fascist, don’t ya know. (See Goldberg, Jonah)


Women have abortions and live the rest of their lives regretting their decision, but even they are not allowed to convey this message in public. A woman was on The View one time speaking to this exact issue, and those ‘View’ women shut her down quick – they weren’t going to tolerate anyone stating in their forum that women actually regret making the choice to kill their unborn.

I’d just like to say that when a pregnant woman’s life hangs in the balance, it is her decision to make between her life or the life of the unborn child. Some do not make the choice and leave it to God, and others make the choice – I don’t really know of anyone who would think a woman choosing her life should be condemned for doing so.


Tim Tebow is a great role model for men and boys. I hope my son’s have his conviction and dignity.

For anyone to complain the ad should be censored is ridiculous and shows their contempt towards life and their determination to end life. IT is a sad day in America when it is controversial to stand up for celebrating life and family.

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