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Argentina Gives New Meaning to “Men are Pigs”

Apparently, the new aphrodisiac for 2010 is… pork?

“I’ve just been told something I didn’t know; that eating pork improves your sex life … I’d say it’s a lot nicer to eat a bit of grilled pork than take Viagra,” President Cristina Fernandez said to leaders of the pig farming industry.

She said she recently ate pork and “things went very well that weekend, so it could well be true.”

I wonder if Miss President has been watching too much Seinfeld. Who knew that George Costanza would be well ahead of his time:

Also, as I commented on my Facebook friend’s post on this:

This gives new meaning to the accusation that “men are pigs”. All this time, I thought it was an insult. Who knew that it was a complimentary term of sexual prowess.

Also, if ‘men are pigs’, and eating pork is good for one’s sex life… I think you know where I’m going with that…

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“Pro-Choice” Advocates Expose Themselves as Liars

Most of us knew all along that those who claim to be “pro-choice” are not pro-choice at all, but really pro-abortion. Now, with the hysterical outcry by “women’s groups” over the Super Bowl ad with the Tim Tebow story, we know we are correct.

“CBS’s recent decision to air an anti-choice advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV was outrageous,” a rep from advocacy group The Women’s Media Center said. “Even worse is the network’s about face from its own policy of rejecting controversial Super Bowl ads.

“The Women’s Media Center and organizations dedicated to reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice, are urging the network to immediately cancel this ad.”

First, how ironic that a group that claims to be dedicated to “tolerance” is practicing intolerance with respect to Tim Tebow and his life story.

How is choosing not to abort a baby “anti-choice”? How is telling the story of a woman’s choice to not abort her baby “anti-choice” and “controversial”?

The only way that telling the story of how Tim Tebow’s mother chose to go ahead with her pregnancy and birth of her child, in the face of great risk to both the lives of her baby and herself, is somehow “anti-choice” or “controversial” is if “pro-choice” means that the only “choice” is abortion. In other words, if “pro-choice” actually means pro-abortion.

If pro-abortion people think so highly of abortion, then fine… make a commercial of your own. Go find success stories of women who faced a choice of either giving birth to their baby or aborting their baby and chose to abort their baby and are now living a great life because of that decision.

In the meantime, STFU about people who wish to tell the story of a choice made for life and how it turned out to be an amazing success story.  Oh, and stop being lying cowards and calling yourselves “pro-choice” and call yourselves what you are:  pro-abortion.

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An excerpt:

[ … ] It’s a positive message of what can happen if women would consider choosing life. It is a message to women that there are other options. Who would be against that?

Well, every pro-choice group out there seems to be against that. They have no desire for women to know real choice. They don’t want women to hear that good can come from choosing to not have an abortion. [ … ]

Pro-Choice groups need to decide if they are really pro-choice or just pro-abortion. Do they really want women to know all options and know the beauty of life – or do they just want to silence anyone who doesn’t promote abortion? Unless they change their tune, pro-choice groups really should be known as pro-abortion or even anti-choice.

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