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Fiscal Conservatism vs Social Conservatism

I don’t understand how people can say that fiscal conservatism is more important than social conservatism. Look at families. What is more destructive to a family’s success, financial trouble or social trouble? If there is a good moral core to the family, they can survive financial trouble. But a financially stable family cannot survive a moral breakdown. Same applies to the country/society.

The core — the foundation — of this country is social morals. Our entire nation is based on the foundation that we have unalienable rights — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — granted to us by Our Creator (God). Everything else is based off of that foundation.

So, to say that social issues are simply irrelevant during our current fiscal troubles is nonsense. The core of a family and the foundation of our country is the most important, at all times.

Just as a family breaks down if their moral core breaks down, so too does a country break down if its moral foundation breaks down.

This country has survived numerous financial/fiscal catastrophes in its short lifetime. But nations throughout history have crumbled from within due to a breakdown in moral foundation.

So those who think that social conservatism is irrelevant are not learning from history.

February 4, 2010 , 2:24PM - Posted by | American History, Conservatism, Economy


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  3. It is a little naive to think that passing morally-based legislation will make families stronger. At most it is a suggestion, a suggestion that is easily discarded in a family whose heads don’t necessarily agree with the legislation. Strong families are formed in many different environments and in many different situations, and for you, me, or anyone to assume that we/they know what’s best for another’s family is at the least arrogant and at worst flat-out disrespectful. If a family feels strongly about any certain choice, save from breaking the law, then they more than likely won’t be influenced by national social views. My parents took me to church weekly and scolded me for using curse words. Today, I curse regularly, and I don’t feel that going to church is a requirement for being close to God. In contrast, as far as morals go, my actions today are closer to those that would make Jesus smile than when I went to church regularly and had a swear-free tongue. Some of the worst, conniving people that I have come into contact with regularly attend a church service, usually more than once a week. Some of the kindest, gentlest people I known are atheists. By no means am I saying that church attendance frequency is in some way negatively related to kindness of heart and positive decision making.

    Asking God for forgiveness may save your soul, but it has no bearing on society. Covetous slander forgiven by God doesn’t undo the harm from that slander. True moral improvement comes from never committing the slander and having to ask for the forgiveness in the first place. What I am saying is that, everyone knows, deep down, what they feel is wrong or right, and they have to live with the decisions that they make. Hypothetically, if I am pro-choice, and believe that life begins at delivery, then I would think that there is nothing wrong with having an abortion at eight months, and after the fact I don’t have a moral crisis, because I don’t feel that I have done anything wrong. I don’t feel this way. It is not because of pro-life laws, nor would the above hypothetical’s views vary because of the law, though it may not be legal to carry it out anymore.

    Children are impressionable. However, at one point or another, we begin to see differences in belief from our parents. We all create our own moral thermometer. Just as many people feel strongly opposed to their parents’ indiscretions, refusing to repeat them, as mimic their flaws. A son may begin smoking from stealing his father’s cigarettes, meanwhile, the man’s daughter grows up hating the smell and refuses to be around anyone that smokes, let alone smoke herself.

    Most families feel strongly about their convictions, regardless of whether we share them or not. Usually opposition from others will spitefully strengthen their beliefs. Rarely do people assimilate to the beliefs held by others if they do not believe in them, or worse, oppose them. I don’t think that our founding fathers would even want them to. If we really want to affect our moral center, then it is all about individuals, and nothing about religion. The government has no more business legislating morality than it does telling us to join a particular faith.

    As a wise ex-girlfriend, or two, has said, “Actions speak louder than words.” In this case, how can we back a politician’s morality imposing bills if he is actively engaging in adultery? We need better public role models, and if an elected official stumbles because of poor decisions, make sure we let him know that his/her behavior will not be tolerated. Though I am huge advocate of forgiveness, there is no room for actions in direct violation of the very platform that they swore to their electorate to uphold. Forgive them, fine, but they should not retain their position. Holding public office is a privilege, when they cease to bring honor to their office they have no business in it and it is our job to enforce this. Stop paying for tabloids detailing their wrong doing and rewarding them with the exposure needed to boost future book sales. Tabloids aren’t at fault, we are, they try to make money by providing a publication that people want to read, and if people weren’t interested in political scandal gossip, they wouldn’t write about it. In contrast, shout of their good deeds from the mountains, and not in a religious manner because it can put off people who do not believe in the faith presented. Contrary to popular belief, all religions that are worth addressing and even atheists believe in “The Golden Rule.” The good deed is what is important, not its reasons. We need to show that good behavior is rewarded and poor behavior is punished. Highlighting the positive result of positive actions is more likely to inspire a morality shift than attempting to impose it. Even if people just do good things in hopes of being rewarded, it gets the behavioral change that we need. Eventually, people may even begin to see the true prize; personal joy. After all, no worldly gift can top how it makes you feel when you do the right thing, and I hate to stress it, but it’s not because God is watching, it is because you genuinely feel good about yourself.

    To comment on your reference to moral downfall preceding civilization downfall. You are a bit off. Yes other great civilizations fell because of loosening morals. Yet, societal morals play a smaller part than you alluded to. Truly it was society’s being complaisant and accepting of inappropriate behavior. The problem was the Politicians’ overall breakdown in the morality, appetite for corruption, and seeking of personal agendas unaligned with its citizens’ best interests. Meanwhile, the general public, either because they never had any rights to begin with or they sacrificed their personal rights to alleviate their own personal responsibility, were unable to convey to the officials their disdain for their actions, or support for that matter. We are teetering on the line mentioned above, as we continue to give away our personal freedoms to the government so that we can blame someone other than ourselves for our shortcomings.

    The four cornerstones of a successful capitalist democracy are: protecting its citizens from foreign powers, protecting its citizens from each other, promoting strong personal accountability and work-ethic, and encouraging the showing of compassion to those that cannot provide for themselves, period! We are way past this ideal. Plenty of people are to blame, but really we can only blame ourselves. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we are entitled to something from the government just for being Americans, and instead of sharing the joy of other’s successes we have become outrageously covetous and blame our bad fortune on their achievements, and again, feel that we are owed their benefits even though they either worked for them or were fortunate enough to acquire them. Jealousy does no one any good, the only ‘fair’ is the ‘fare’ paid for the bus, and the government doesn’t owe you anything, grow up people! Change comes from us, not a lofty idea that you expect someone else to achieve and then give its benefits to you. “A goal without a plan is a just a wish (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).” If that is how you feel, drop out of school and start playing the lottery, and in the off-chance that you actually win, don’t be shocked if someone else thinks that they should have.

    We take from the government and pretend that the money doesn’t come from our fellow citizens. Though when money passes from taxpayer to government to social agency to recipient, plenty of money is wasted, I assure you, it’s still coming from the taxpayer. We think that because others have been more fortunate financially that they somehow owe it to us. Instead of jealously asking for your cut, why not be happy for their success and attempt to model your life after some of the things that helped to get them there.

    The true power in America lies within Congress, not the President. For years, Congress was allowed to do whatever they wanted and faced little to no requirement of accountability. This needs to end, require that your representative/senator speaks on your behalf and has your best interest in mind, and if he doesn’t… vote for someone else next time.

    I leave with this, we need to quit being complaisant, require elected officials to be a shiny example of the morals we find important, and when they exemplify them, let’s highlight their positives, and when they fall short, we need to let them know that we don’t agree by voting accordingly. Whining, outrage, rallies, and personal threats just show instability, inexperience, and immaturity. Opposition should appear unwavering and methodical. Our speaking-out should be concise, to the point, and demanding of results. In short, be more engaged in day-to-day government, everyone! If you don’t understand politics, figure it out, ask someone, whatever, just educate yourself and then require the behavior that you feel is appropriate. Cable News and your know-it-all politically-minded buddy focus heavily on major issues that they feel are important, and they expect you for forge your opinion on the few issues highlighted. Don’t elevate the abortion issue with such importance if you don’t find it important, half of America doesn’t care. Forget the stance on the handling of illegal immigrants if you don’t care, again, half of the country doesn’t care. While these things are certainly important to some people, they are single issues, and they may not be pivotal topics for you. They are single issues that should be kept in context among the infinite number of other traits that define the candidate/incumbent. After all, once elected, they are your employees, your voice, your representation, and you are paying their salary, so make them accountable for their actions. Humans are funny in that when pushed, they push back, however, when compensated they will do nearly anything depending on the level compensation. Don’t blame government or Hollywood for moral downfall. We have all of the power, either in terms of votes or dollars. Both will provide what brings them the most benefit. Embrace personal accountability and encourage it in others, without it you are just floating wherever others push you. I’m begging you people, take responsibility!

    Comment by a3gill | April 14, 2010 , 3:57AM

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