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Answering the Call of Boobies… er Duty to Serve My Country

I have read that Muslim terrorists have given up on the Fruit-of-Kaboom strategy of suicide bombing & are moving on to the Bomb-zierre strategy of suicide bombing. I’ve also read that the bombs are not detectable by airport security scanners. I hereby volunteer to be a boob-checker at my local airport. I will make this great sacrifice for the good of national security.

“Please step forward ma’am, so I may inspect your boobs.”

Yes, I shall sacrifice for the common good and do my patriotic duty by being forced to touch women’s hooters.

Matters not whether they are built for comfort or speed, just so long as they are not built for bombing.

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Public School Funding Budgets

I left this comment after reading a Facebook friend’s status about public school funding:

Speaking of school funding, considering funding for schools is taken from our tax dollars, shouldn’t it be public knowledge how that money is spent? Is there some place to go where a breakdown of all the spending is listed? Politicians are always whining about needing more funding for schools, when we already give tons of our tax dollars for failing school systems. Why don’t they post their budgets at the beginning of the fiscal year — listing every single thing on which the money is spent — so that people can see how they money is going to be spent, and then also list the final expenditures at the end of the school year, so that people can see how their money was eventually spent.

There is SO much corruption and wasteful spending in every single government program, I have no doubt the same exists in the public school system. As such, instead of whining for higher taxes and more money for public schools, let’s make sure they are spending their *current* budget properly.

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