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Liberal Tool Sportswriter Gets in Cheap Dig at Sarah Palin

These idiots just can’t help themselves. In an article discussing Danica Patrick’s popularity, CBS Sports sportstool Mike Freeman just couldn’t help but get in a dig at Sarah Palin:

This week, the host of a racing show on Showtime called Patrick “the Sarah Palin of NASCAR.” I’m not sure what that means. It may be a compliment, but since Palin is all hat and no cattle, it doesn’t sound like one. You betcha.

The hypocrisy of men is astounding. That’s all the dislike of Patrick is about. It’s big, fat hypocrisy.

Plus, Patrick can race. If you haven’t seen that, then you haven’t been paying attention. She performed well at the crash-filled ARCA race at Daytona, finishing sixth. If a guy had pulled some of the masterful saves she did in that race, he’d be hailed as heroic.

Talk about astounding hypocrisy. Sarah Palin is “all hat and no cattle”? Really, bud? That’s a better description of our current Teleprompter-in-Chief, Barack Obama. You sit here and write about men disliking Danica Patrick based on hypocrisy and people not paying attention, yet don’t even realize that that is exactly how Danica is like Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has an accomplished political background and career in Alaska with many successes under her belt, including defeating an incumbent Governor in her own Party, successfully fighting corruption within her own Party and renegotiating leases with the largest oil company in the world for the benefit of her State’s residents. All the while raising a family of 5, including a son who is currently serving in Iraq and one who was recently born with Down Syndrome.

But, of course, to the astute mind of this brilliantly obscure sportswriter no one has heard of, that amounts to “all hat and no cattle”. Brilliant analysis, jackass. If you wanted to know if your analysis makes you come across as an ignorant tool, I have two words for you: you betcha.

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Obama’s Media Sycophants Turn Him into Mr. Baseball

When I read how the mass media is spinning Obama’s latest poor poll numbers (HERE & HERE), this scene from Mr. Baseball came to mind:

Jack Eliot: I’m a World Series MVP!
Skip: That was four years ago, Jack. Last season, you hit .235.
Jack Eliot: LAST SEASON, I led this team in ninth-inning doubles in the month of August!

While Skip notes the statistic that best represents his overall performance, Jack Eliot, a washed up baseball player, had to find some ridiculously obscure statistic to defend himself. The mass media is doing the same thing with Obama. They are disregarding all the relevant poll numbers which show the nation has soured on Obama, to put forth some ridiculously obscure poll number to claim that Obama is still doing good.

As such, they show themselves to be just as washed up as Mr. Baseball was in the movie. No matter how much they try to ‘hide the decline’ in Obama’s support, the facts are getting out there.

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