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Why Obama will Lose in 2012

Good analysis and I most definitely like the conclusion: Why Obama will be Clinton Without the Comeback

Clinton’s revivals, especially at the Presidential level, can be directly tied to the fact (1) that he had executive experience, (2) that he dealt with the need to build consensus out of division, (3) that he had advisors pushing him to do that, AND (4) that he was smart enough to have such advisors and to listen to them.

Obama, quite frankly, has none of that going for him.

First, Obama has had no executive experience and has never worked in setting which required consensus building. That is because Senators don’t have to govern and community organizers preach to their own. That inexperience is now showing in spades. As I wrote in my article, How Many Fights Will Obama Pick With America, Obama’s first strategy was divisive not consensus building. His deficit exploding Stimulus Package, Cap and Trade, Health Care and Civil Terror trial initiatives are and remain ideologically based and unsuccessful. Beyond that, President Obama’s agenda is being whipsawed by Congresswoman Pelosi. Simply stated, an effective, experienced chief executive never would let a member of congress control his fate to this degree.

As for his advisors, the radical ties of his Czars are well documented and David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are no Dick Morris. Indeed, notwithstanding the loss of the Kennedy seat (as Democrats view it), Obama’s budget belies any claim to moderation as does his continued push for health care, cap and trade and now tax hikes. Beyond that, Obama has already lost control of the jobs bill and Nancy and Harry are committed to legislating from the Left – a big factor in Bayh’s retirement. Dick Morris never would have let that occur – apparently Axelrod and Emanuel either don’t understand that or can’t prevent it.

In sum, we have met Barack Obama, we now know Barack Obama and he is no Bill Clinton. Let’s just hope Republicans recall the lessons of 1994 even Obama can’t.

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