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Hey Lefty A$$holes, Your Day of Reckoning is Quickly Approaching

I agree wholeheartedly:

Speaking of Insurrection… I certainly am not advocating it as I’m too lazy and complacent and accustomed to the comforts of my life as I’ve gotten older… but there is something refreshing and ironically healthy in talking about it. And there’s only one reason I say that and the reason is to potentially give pause to the fascist, intolerant tactics of the Left that I’ve observed for most of my life.

The Left has deliberately shut down and pretty much destroyed civil discourse in this country. And they have done this with the aid and support of the media as well as the overall culture. And when you shut down civil discourse, when you shut down the possibility of the other side getting a fair hearing or ability to make their arguments you are playing with fire.

Because the other side doesn’t just go away. Any more than a parent will just go away when a 5 year old is having a tantrum. Even a pateint parent will tolerate only so much and then smack the shit out of the little bastard.

And in similar fashion, conservatives won’t just shut up and go quietly into the night. They are seething. They are boiling. And a reckoning is coming. The Left needs to understand this.

And getting back to my being lazy and complacent – while that is true and I dread unpleasantness, I dread more the loss of my country to a bunch of totalitarian, collectivist control freaks. And I remember the oath I took long ago to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Like anyone I have limits and they are getting pushed pretty fucking hard.

Posted by: LGoPs at February 17, 2010 06:59 PM

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