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Dream Come True?

I have had dreams about ‘the girl of my dreams’ in the past. Some of them have been so vivid and emotional, that they inspired me to write about them. (“Only in My Dreams“). However, even in the most vivid of dreams, I never could quite clearly see her. It was more a feeling, an emotion. More of an idea, a silhouette. Like a fading memory of a woman whom I had once known, though I had never met.

Well, today I felt as if I was living my dreams… I wrote this as soon as I returned home after my trip to the bank…

I just met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. If there is such a thing as ‘love at first sight’, I just experienced it. My heart still has not settled down after having skipped a beat after seeing her amazing blue eyes. Long brown hair, the warmest smile. Yet, because I’m a wuss, I never mentioned how captivated I was by her. Michelle, the bank teller in Westland, you have a secret admirer in me.

All that said, there’s no way a girl as beautiful as her is single. No possible way. So, even if I had said something, I’d just have made a fool of myself anyway. Still… wow. I seriously ‘fell in love’ as soon as I saw her eyes and smile. If I still believed in my ‘dream girl’, I would bet anything that she was her.

Upon receiving feedback on my status message, I added:

Heh, well I’ll need to go back there to deposit my pennies anyway. Maybe I’ll run into her again then.

But wow. Seriously, I think I almost fainted. My eyes clouded up and got hazy for a few seconds after I saw her smile. I almost couldn’t remember why I was there at the bank. heh


Well, I have no place asking any girl, let alone a girl as amazing as her, about anything. I’m unemployed and losing my house in a couple months. I’m at the absolute lowest point in my life right now. I have nothing to offer her.

And what do I lose by trying? Well, if I see her again at the bank, it would be awkward her thinking ‘oh great, here comes the freak guy who tried to hit on me’. And then of course there is that look that I seem to always bring out in women, that look that says ‘uh, what are *you* doing talking to *me*’. You know that look only a woman can give to melt a man’s heart? Well, the above look I just described has the exact opposite effect of crushing a man’s heart, pride and ego all in one. heh And when you’ve gotten it enough times in life as I have, you learn to try to avoid having it happen again. heh

Ah well.


And thanks for the positive vibes everyone. I know I should talk to her… or, rather, *should have* talked to her. I so wanted to just at least tell her that I thought she had the most beautiful eyes. But I couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth. I kept trying to sneak glances of her eyes when she was taking care of my transactions on the computer. But then I didn’t want to seem like a freak, so I made a point to look around… look at the window in back of her, look at the signs on the walls, on the left, on the right, look at the other tellers behind her who were talking, etc. I didn’t want to give away how just… captivated I was.

I seriously lost my train of thought, and my head and vision went cloudy for a few seconds when I first stepped up to the teller area to talk to her. I had to refocus on what I came to the bank to do, before I just got lost in gazing at her. She really was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

I’m wondering now though if she is probably quite younger than me, maybe in her early 20s or something. So probably too young to be interested in me anyway.

Ah, man, but wow. I dunno. I’ve never felt something like that before. I would say it was ‘love at first sight’, but the only way that could be proven is if we ended up together in a relationship. Then I could look back on today and say that it was ‘love at first sight’.

Man o man. I’d like to think I was meant to meet her, but I’m more inclined to think along the lines of what Jenny said, in that on a day on which I was feeling very down about my life (my Realtors came over to look at my house and said it was going to be a tough sell), the most beautiful girl I have ever seen came into my life to brighten it just a bit, if only for a few minutes of being in her presence. And make me remember the part of myself who still believes in love, if only for a little while…

There is a saying that ‘to the world, you may just be someone, but to someone, you may be the world’. Michelle, bank teller in Westland, Michigan… for a few moments today, you were my world. I won’t ever forget your beautiful eyes and captivating smile. And I will forever be envious of the someone in your life who is your world. He is one lucky man.


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