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Lessons About Conservative vs Liberal America Learned from a Power Outage

Interesting perspective in the comments to this post: Krauthammer and Goldberg Agree The Rules of American Politics Have Changed Fundamentally, But Disagree Sharply On How They’ve Changed

Ok, couple of things that give me real hope here.

1. Liberals want the big nanny state because they can’t survive with out it. Eventually one way or the other the nanny state is gone. It either gets turned around now and all this crap gets repealed, or it eventually collapses under it’s own weight. Either way it’s the liberals who can’t survive without it. Granted, it will suck for the rest of us, but I think many of us will survive. I don’t think any of them will.

2. All of the PETA retards are going to starve to death pretty quick once the system does collapse. If you can’t hunt and kill your own food, yup, you’re gone. Good riddance. Please be sure to take NOW and Planned Parenthood with you.

3. If it does come down to civil war, I’m not all that worried. Our whacky moonbat opposition abhors guns, and would never own one much less have any idea how to use one. Me, I suffer from no such delusions. So if it’s civil war, so be it. Better show up with more than a court injunction fucknuts, because like most well trained marksmen I wait for shots and always go for center mass.

4. Do I think it will come to any of this? No. I think we are in for some very tough times ahead. But I think that unlike Greece most of us are waking up and starting to get it. It’s going to be a hard road back – but I truly think we can make it.

Why? Simple. A power outage. Yup, no shit, a power outage. I live in a small town in Nebraska. Day before yesterday we lost power… the whole town mind you, thanks to a rather violent thunderstorm. The power was out for nearly 6 hours before they got it back up and running again.

When I lived in L.A., eons and eons ago, I remember a power outage there that sparked rioting and looting. So here I am, standing in the darkened street in small town Nebraska, and what happens?

Neighbors are coming outside to check on one another, making sure we’re all ok. Since we have no power, no TV, none of the things that so often fill our lives with distraction, we start chatting with each other.

Before you know it we’ve got a very impromptu neighborhood block party going, beverages, tiki torches, people driving by and stopping by to make sure everybody’s ok and to see if anyone had news about the power outage.

As I was standing outside with my neighbors enjoying a tasty beverage, the cool night air and some pleasant company I thought about that power outage years ago in L.A. and realized why the left coast and places like it would be in such deep shit if the system ever did collapse.

One night without power, or law enforcement, or worse yet both, and most of their neighborhoods would be in ashes. Without Uncle Sugar, they’re all doomed.

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  1. You have electricity in Nebraska? I thought you hillbillies still used kerosene lamps and outhouses.

    Comment by Ben Hoffman | July 18, 2010 , 12:05AM

    • Apparently, from wherever you hail, they don’t teach you how to read. Since it is pretty obvious that I am in Michigan. But thanks for the so very intelligent comment, which contributed much to this discussion.

      Comment by Michael in MI | July 18, 2010 , 8:33AM

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