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Obama Explains When a Vacation is Not Really a Vacation

Via Weasel Zippers: First Dog Bo Flies With Media, Etc., In Separate Jet To Maine (Obama’s Vacation Spot, er, I Mean A Saturday And Sunday With The Family)

President Barack Obama and his family, including their dog Bo, arrived in Maine on Friday, July 16, a little after noon, having flown into the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton in separate aircraft. The canine Obama flew in one aircraft and the human Obamas in the other. [ … ]

The Maine welcoming party delivered a bounty of gifts in an LL Bean tote bag to the first family. The gift bag included balsam pillows, cans of Moxie, bottles of Poland Spring water, organic maple syrup, blueberry jam, Raye’s mustard and pretzels, Gladstone’s trail mix, Little Lad’s herbed popcorn, chocolate covered blueberries and cranberries, a “Dishing Up Maine” cookbook, an Acadia panorama book, Acadia postcards, and Downeast Garden daytime planners. The Obamas were also given handmade baskets from Gov. Nicholas of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

The governor also presented the president with a Maine Black Bears hockey hat.

For Obama daughters Malia and Sasha, there were Sea Bags tote bags, books about Maine by Greg Currier, lobster, and loon and chickadee stuffed animals, as well as their own water, trail mix and balsam pillows. All the girls might need for their visit to Acadia National Park and wherever else they visit on MDI.

Of the gifts, Gov. Baldacci said they represent a taste of what Maine has to offer, and that they are some things that will give the Obamas a “warm spot for Maine.”

. . .

“The president stressed to me that the trip was not considered a family vacation, but rather a Saturday and Sunday with his family in Maine,” said Baldacci.

Washington, D.C. to Bar Harbor, Maine is 700 miles. I don’t know any average Americans who just decide to get on a plane on a Friday afternoon and fly 700 miles with their family for “a [weekend] with the family”. Most normal Americans consider that a vacation. Not to mention, during an economic recession/depression, most Americans consider that a luxury they cannot afford.

But, our Vacationer-in-Chief just considers that an average weekend with the family. What was that he and Michelle told us about the need to sacrifice? Apparently that does not apply to them.


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