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What a Shock: Democrats Screw Over the Military

Jonn Lilyea is not surprised, but is also not pleased in the least: Defense Business Board: reduce retirement benefits

So like I said years ago, somehow the only solutions the government ever comes up with to cut expenses are ways that they’d never let big business cut their expenses. Imagine what would happen to an automaker who discussed cutting union pensions. Or imagine the debate in Congress to cut their retirement benefits.

Military retirees know how jealous civilians are of our retirement benefits… which, by the way, we earned. We weren’t handed these benefits for showing up one day, like a lot of SSI recipients. We ate yards of [sh!t] for years, lived like no civilian would ever tolerate to get those benefits, and now every time there’s a Democrat administration, we have to keep fighting for the meager rewards we earned.

Of course, the real damage here would be retention. Who would want to work longer for less benefits like the Board suggests? They complain that the military loses experience at the 20-year mark. Who honestly thinks that the military would have higher retention with longer requirements for service towards retirement?

Again, no one who pays attention is surprised by this. The Democrats hate the military and always cut funding for it whenever they are in power. Yet, voters who say they “support the troops!” continue to vote for Democrats who always hurt the troops. Great job!

Of course, the best comment at the post came from ChuckZ in response to the liberal tool “Joe”:

Joe Says:
August 7th, 2010 at 1:36 pm

A little lesson in the rules of cause and effect: The guys you elected ten years ago, and their bankrupt ideas, tanked the global economy so hardworking people all over the country (and the world) have had to tighten their belts (if they’re lucky enough to still have a belt, much less a place to live). All sorts of pension and retirement plans have had to change their rules, workers who fulfilled their part of the bargain for years and decades are getting screwed, and now you guys are screaming “foul” because you have to take some of your own medicine! Go talk to some teachers, public employees, corporate employees, or just about anyone outside of the military to get an idea what’s going on out there.

One common thread among many people who post on this site is you’ve perfected the right-wing persecution complex – poor persecuted us! We’re so special the normal rules don’t apply to us! In this broken economy you helped to create, if you want retirement security go work for Goldman-Sachs.

Chuck Z Says:
August 7th, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Joe, some facts for you about teachers, firemen, police, and other government employees:

1. They can quit any time they choose, and do their specifically trained job elsewhere, soldiers cannot.

2. They can work for fifty years, and not once risk death from an IED, Sniper, or ambush.

3. None have been deployed multiple times, let alone once, in their careers, separating them from family for months, if not years, at a time.

4. The physical demands on teachers, firemen, police, and government employees generally don’t result in damaged knees, backs, shoulders, and necks, from years of carrying gear with equipment designed when our fathers were serving in Vietnam, and built by the lowest bidders. The professions you compare us to don’t live in conditions bordering on dangerous, just from exposure to the elements. They don’t subsist for months at a time on the same 12 meals. They don’t have hospitals chock full of teachers, firemen, police and government employees missing limbs, faces, eyes, and sometimes all of the above.

5. Don’t ever compare the bravery of a teacher in a classroom, any classroom, to the bravery of a soldier in a firefight, IED attack, or artillery barrage. Don’t even compare it to the bravery required to simply step out of the armored vehicle, knowing that the only thing between you and death is body armor made by the lowest bidder, a rifle made by the lowest bidder, and not functionally improved since 1969, and the outward appearance that you are in total control. Not even close to what is required to stand in front of the worst students you can imagine. And if they have an exceptionally hard day, they can’t take a personal day, beyond the two-week vacation during a year of days where your life is in danger 24-7-365.

The more I write about the differences, the more pissed off I get about the differences between what we risk, and what we get in return, compared to our civilian “counterparts.” Before you try and make this political, based on party division and spending plans, maybe you should champion those who risk their lives for you, and ensure that their compensation is better than any other government employees.

Maybe we should look to cut funding for social services, and hand-outs to welfare addicts, illegal immigrants, and junkies to trim the budget. Maybe spending a trillion dollars to bail out a private company wasn’t such a hot idea, and maybe we shouldn’t look to veterans to make up the difference. (If you think it was a good idea, compare GM stock prices to Ford stock… oh wait, you can’t because GM can’t sell stock.) Maybe we should look into the eyes of CEOs and CFOs of “too big to fail” companies, and tell them to start selling off subsidiaries and office furniture before they even consider the public trough. Maybe we should publicly execute public officials who are grafting the public trust (and money). Rangel, Waters, and Blago come to mind. Maybe we shouldn’t allow our Congress to confirm the appointment of a tax cheat to run the IRS, and maybe they should censure the person who nominated the tax cheat to begin with. And OBTW, Fannie Mae was created by FDR, a democrat, and Privatized by LBJ, another democrat, and Fannie and Freddie are the ONLY fortune 500 companies that are not required to inform the public of financial troubles.

Joe, you are a retard.


I just shake my head anymore at all the ignorant tools who continue to blame Bush and the GOP for our current economic recession/depression. “The guys you elected ten years ago, and their bankrupt ideas, tanked the global economy…” Oh really? Sorry, idiot, but that would be the DEMOCRATS who did that. From 2003-2007, thanks to the GOP-led Congress and President Bush’s tax cuts, we had one of the best, most prosperous economic periods in our nation’s history. We had record highs on Wall Street (which helped *every* American’s retirement account), great GDP growth, rising home values and 5% unemployment (the same as it was under the Clinton Administration) with years of great job growth. But, in NOV 2006, because the nation threw a hissy fit over the war effort in Iraq, the Democrats took control of both Houses of Congress, which gave them control of our nation’s economy. They, DEMOCRATS, then proceeded to tank the economy with their policies, the primary one being the housing market, which tanked based on their ridiculous policies regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They, DEMOCRATS, blocked President Bush and the GOP for years every time they worked to regulate Fannie/Freddie in order to prevent the housing market crash. They, DEMOCRATS, insisted there was absolutely nothing wrong with Fannie/Freddie and the GOP was ridiculous and racist for even wanting to talk about it. Of course, we all know how that turned out.

So yeah, Joe (and anyone else who shares his “blame the GOP/Bush!” view) is definitely a retard.


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