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Why are the Obamas ‘Tone Deaf’?

Via Maetenloch at AoSHQ, John Hinderaker at Power Line has a post about Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama in which he tries to figure out why both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle seem so tone deaf in their actions and in how they are perceived by the American public and, more importantly, the American electorate set to vote in NOV 2010 and NOV 2012:

Which caused Roger Simon to return to his theory that Barack Obama doesn’t really want to be President:

Michelle’s $375,000 Spanish vacation — with the Daily Mail dubbing her a “modern-day Marie Antoinette” — is further proof of my thesis. What man who wanted to be re-elected (or see his party do well in November) would let his wife go off on such an “excellent adventure” in these economic times? … It is beyond tone deaf, perhaps to the level of subconscious (or even deliberate) self-sabotage.

At the very least, something most peculiar is going on. The first lady goes off on a jaunt worthy of 18th Century aristocracy at the very moment of her husband’s birthday. Is somebody trying to tell us something? Is somebody trying to tell her spouse something? Or vice-versa? Who knows? You won’t find out in the mainstream media — that’s for sure. They don’t even bother to check Obama’s college records. Perhaps the National Enquirer is on the case. They may be the only hope.

If I were still a member of the Democratic Party, I would be most concerned.

Roger speculates that the Obamas’ behavior may be symptomatic of narcissism, then offers this alternative:

But maybe it’s simpler. Maybe Michelle and Barack just assume the president is not going to be re-elected, so why bother to keep up pretenses?

All very provocative. But, while it seems clear that President Obama enjoys campaigning and hobnobbing a lot more than he does governing, it is hard to imagine him giving up after one term. I think the Obamas’ tone-deafness, which was on exhibit long before Michelle’s Spanish vacation, more likely results from their inexperience and the fact that if you are a significant figure in Democratic Party politics, you spend a great deal of time with rich people. That can skew one’s perspective.

I think it’s even simpler than what Roger Simon speculates. I think the Obamas are not worried about Barack’s re-election in 2012, because (1) he knows he has the mass media in the bag as (a) his attack dogs and (b) his propaganda machine and (2) Barack and Michelle have absolutely no respect for the American electorate after they were so easily duped into voting for him — and super-majorities for Democrats in both Houses of Congress — in 2008, that they figure they will be just as easily duped into voting for Barack again in 2012. And, of course, if that doesn’t work, he still has his election fraud army of ACORN and union thugs to steal the election for him.

Not to mention, he’s probably not sweating a thing considering the GOP can’t nominate anyone good enough to (1) attack him on his radical socialism and failed policies and (2) present, in an articulate and easy-to-understand fashion, alternative conservative policies.

Really, unless the GOP nominates either NJ Governor Chris Christie or some sort of clone of him, Obama will simply smooth-talk and lie his way to a 2nd term, with the help of his attack dog and propagandist media and an apathetic and ignorant American electorate.

But I hope I’m wrong.  The mid-term elections in NOV 2010 will tell us a lot about whether or not the American electorate has awoken from it’s apathy and ignorance.


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