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I Wouldn’t Mind Going Back to the Year 1985

That would mean we had a real President in Ronald Reagan, instead of the Joker we have now.

So the Court Jester-in-Chief recently joked “when you want to go forward you put it in (D), when you want to go backward, you put it in (R)”. Har-de-har-har. Hey, dipstick, when you’re driving the car off a freaking cliff, it’s a good freaking idea to put the car in (R).

Ever see Back to the Future III? The horses carrying Clara Clayton over the cliff are Obama and Co. Clara Clayton is America. Doc Brown is the Tea Party.

The other obvious analogy is Obama as the Captain of the Titanic, pushing us full speed ahead into the iceberg and sinking the entire nation.  Heck, someone should put Obama on the deck of the Titanic with a banner behind him that states “SUMMER OF RECOVERY!”, a la the infamous picture of President Bush on the aircraft carrier with the “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner, that the Left used to get their jollies for 7 years.  The Left liked to taunt President Bush with “mission accomplished” for 7 years?  Fine, we can taunt Obama and his sycophantic fellators with “summer of recovery”.

UPDATE 19 AUG 2010: Apparently, the Court Jester-in-Chief thinks this metaphor is so good, that he’s expanding on it. Sad. And we can now move from calling him President Wee-Wee to President Slurpee.

On a serious note, I tire of Obama’s constant blame of the GOP for the “mess” he and his Administration “inherited”.  Senator Obama was involved in almost every disastrous policy which led to our current economic situation.  He was very much involved in pushing the disastrous Fannie/Freddie policies which led to the housing market collapse.  He also voted for all the spending, bailouts and “stimulus” packages.  For 2 years — from 2004-2006 — he was a part of the Democrat minority in the Senate which blasted the GOP majority over the economy — an economy, which was humming along with sub-5% unemployment, record highs on WallStreet, great GDP growth and, at the time, rising home values.  Yet, from 2004-2006, the Democrat Party — including Senator Obama — with the aid of the MF-ing propaganda media, did nothing but talk down and lie about the economy.  They complained about high gas prices, the deficit and even the unemployment rate, even though the rate was around 5%, which is usually considered close to full employment.  Of course, an ignorant, tantrum-throwing electorate believed the lies of the Democrats and the MF-ing media and the rest is history… Democrats took over in JAN 2007 and the economy has tanked ever since.

So Obama has no one to blame other than himself and his fellow Democrats for what he ‘inherited’.

Another metaphor that may work here involves sports.  Imagine Obama was part of a baseball team’s scouting team.  He scouted players and suggested to the team general manager which players to draft and for which players to trade.   These players turn out to be complete busts and the team ends up struggling and mired in last place.  As a result, the organization fires the general manager.  However, for some reason, the organization then hires talent scout Obama as their new general manager.  Upon taking the job, new GM Obama does nothing but blame the previous GM for putting together such a horrible team and states that he can’t be blamed for the current team’s continued struggles under GM Obama, because he had nothing to do with it.  But, of course, he did… he had everything to do with it, since the team is made up of players that he scouted and suggested the team acquire.

That is exactly what Obama has been doing as President since he took office.  His team is mired in last place (economy is in recession/depression) thanks to players he scouted and suggested (policies he supported and for which he voted while Senator).  Yet, he is taking absolutely no responsibility for any of this.

To use another sports analogy, Obama is basically the Matt Millen of Presidents.  Let’s hope the American electorate does not make the same mistake as the Ford family and sign him to an extension.  I would hate to find out what “unprecedented” situation we would have in America that would be akin to the Lions’ 0-16 season…


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