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The GOP is Jittery, Shifty, Cowardly, Obscurely Motivated, Untrustworthy, Weak, Asking-for-It

Sad, but true:

“Anger may be an energy, as John Lydon said, but anger is not an argument.”

And argument is even less persuasive than being a total [@sshole] is. Lydon is exemplary. He’s securely an immovable, shouting douche. That’s its own appeal, and it’s pre-rational. Pro- or con-Lydon arguments that follow it are rationalizations of a first-look emotional attachment (or revulsion).

The Dems are similarly in-your-face — proud liars, panderers, crooks, favor-sellers, etc. Their core voters love them, and are eternally devoted to them, because they’re that. The GOP is jittery, shifty, cowardly, obscurely motivated, untrustworthy, weak, asking-for-it. That’s why even its supposed ideological base’s support is unreliable.

Republicans can’t win anyone over, except as an “oh well” second choice when the Ds are [f#cking] up — unless and until the Party decides what it is and proclaims it unapologetically. In our lifetimes, there have been two R landslides: Reagan and ’94. Those wins came from “We’re this. Get in the damn car.” campaigns. “Hey lady, you need a ride somewhere? I’m not gonna hurt ya” doesn’t work.

Confident aloofness — “This is what we’re about. Join us or don’t. It’s all on you” — is the only potentially winning posture the GOP can adopt toward groups whose first-look emotional attachment strongly points them elsewhere. Anything else comes off dishonest, clumsy, creepy, etc.

Analogy: The GOP is a “beta.” No woman wants him until a long list of bad boys have already given her nine overlapping cases of herpes — and she’ll go back and bang any of the herpes guys behind GOP’s back anytime they booty-call. Everything GOP does to be “nice” makes her despise him even more. What should he do? Not calling her is step one.

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