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Obama Makes it Clear That He’s Ignorant

Via Jake Tapper on Twitter:

POTUS: when you ask GOP leaders “what programs they’d actually cut, they usually don’t have an answer.”

Maybe if Obama spent more time governing, and less time vacationing and partying, he would know about the GOP proposals for spending cuts that have been proposed for the past 6 months.

It took Brad Dayspring, Press Secretary for Republican Whip Eric Cantor, all of a few minutes to provide Jake Tapper 3 examples of the GOP’s proposed budget cuts from the past 6 months:

FEB 9, 2010: Boehner, Cantor urge Obama to force votes on spending cuts

MAY 26, 2010: House Republicans’ $1.3 Trillion ‘Cut Spending Now’ Package

JULY 23, 2010: YouCut — A project of the economic recovery working group

Maybe the Republicans usually don’t have an answer for Obama, because he hasn’t bothered to even ask them. Instead, he just goes on the campaign trail and does what he has done since he was elected to the Senate: LIES.

September 8, 2010 , 3:05PM - Posted by | Barack Obama, Economy, Republicans

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