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Proclaiming that Violent, Mass-Murdering Psychopaths are “Victims” is the Problem

I left this comment in response to this post at Blackfive: KORAN BURNING CHURCH CONNECTED TO FRED PHELPS?!

The Westboro Baptist Church does not like homosexuals. So they express their views by protesting military funerals.

The Dove church does not like Islam. So they express their views by burning Korans.

Muslims don’t like homosexuals, women with full equal rights, Mohammad Cartoons, teddy bears named Mohammad, Jews, Christians, the United States, Americans, infidels, soccer balls that may depict an Islamic symbol, fast food cups that may depict an Islamic symbol, etc etc ad naseum. So they express their views with riots, violence, firebombing, terrorism, fatwas and mass murder.

Yet, currently in this nation, to whom is the outrage directed? The violent psychopathic ideology threatening riots, violence and murder or the groups who peacefully protest?

There’s the problem.

Violent, mass-murdering psychopaths are being coddled and called victims and the people peacefully protesting are being considered a threat to international peace.

I also left these comments in response to discussion at this post at This Ain’t Hell: Petraeus warns that Koran burning is bad for the troops

Michael in MI Says:
September 8th, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Has anyone here, or anywhere claimed that they don’t “have the right”?

The State Department called it “un-American“.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley called a Florida church’s threat to burn copies of the Quran to mark the Sept. 11 attacks “un-American” and said the plan was “inconsistent with the values of religious tolerance and religious freedom.”

I’d say that is the opposite of stating that they “have a right”.

And it’s amazing that when any non-Muslim religious group wants something, the Left crows about “separation of church and state!!!!!”. But when Muslims want something, the Left finds “religious tolerance” and “religious freedom”.

Debra Says:
September 8th, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Michael in MI, I either don’t follow you, or I don’t see it quite like you do.

I myself consider the church’s threat to burn the Koran to be both inconsistent with American values of religious freedom as well as within the realm of protected free speech.

Matthis’ burning of the American flag was handled in the same way by the overwhelming majority of TAH commenters, including myself, and also including even those who were threatening physical violence against him for burning the flag. But none of those threatening to beat the crap out of him, to my recollection, thought that he didn’t have the “right.”

Michael in MI Says:
September 8th, 2010 at 9:28 pm

I myself consider the church’s threat to burn the Koran to be both inconsistent with American values of religious freedom as well as within the realm of protected free speech.

So this means that when TV shows, such as the many on Comedy Central, go out of their way to insult Christians and Jews and Mormons, that is “inconsistent with American values of religious freedom as well as within the realm of protected free speech”?

This also means that when “artists” throw dung at a picture of the Virgin Mary and put the crucifiction in urine, that is “inconsistent with American values of religious freedom as well as within the realm of protected free speech”?

I have to wonder then, why when Christians and Jews and Mormons get offended by those actions, they are told to shut up and get over it and there are no statements from Angelina Jolie or Hillary Clinton or the State Department about showing “religious tolerance”.

Here’s my opinion on this matter… When ALL religions are treated with equal respect, THEN I will denounce someone who insults Islam and Muslims. Until then, f*ck Islam and f*ck Muslims for not reforming Islam and putting the entire MF-ing world at risk of rioting, violence and mass murder.

Where were the State Department and Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie making statements for anti-Prop 8 people to stop harassing Mormons and Christians who voted for Prop 8? Where were these people when the report came out that the most hate crimes in this nation are against Jews and there are hardly any at all against Muslims or Christians? Where were these people when the Muslim killed the military recruit in Arkansas? Where were these people when the Muslim mass murdered soldiers at Fort Hood?

The fact is that Muslims literally get away with murder in this nation and are coddled, while some nutjob Christian church wants to do nothing more than burn some books and it’s made into an international incident and an insult to Islam?

Are you kidding me?

All this does is tell Jews and Christians and Mormons that if they want any respect from people, they need to start threatening violence and murder as well. THAT is the lesson in all this.

All this situation has taught people is that violence and murder and threats of such earn groups power.

Michael in MI Says:
September 8th, 2010 at 9:59 pm

Or at least that is apparently what it has taught you…

No, logic dictates that lesson.

Logic also dictates the lesson that Muslims will get whatever they want, if they keep threatening us with violence over anything that offends them. It worked with the Mohammad Cartoons, it worked with Comedy Central, it worked with ‘Everybody Draw Mohammad Day’ and now, it has worked to get the top commander of the world’s superpower to tell his countrymen to stop doing things to offend Islam.

From The Jawa Report:

Does that justify bigotry in the West or burning Korans? Of course not. But there’s something else it doesn’t justify:

Refusing in the West to report, analyze, and condemn what goes on daily with far more public support and official approval in the Muslim-majority Middle East.

What are the wrongful motives for that behavior?

–Fear that telling the truth will make “Muslims” angry.
–Belief that one only has the right to criticize one’s own country (or allies) and religion but that exercising rational judgment in discussing others is somehow “racist.”
–Panic that reporting on the bigotry and extremism of millions of others will encourage a minister in Florida with 50 followers to burn a Koran.

Such a paralysis is not how democracies are supposed to function. That is not how people keep their freedoms and way of life.

And, yes, I read the Westboro Baptist Church connection at The Jawa Report earlier. It changes nothing.

Funny how the Westboro Baptist Church can travel all around the nation going to the funerals of military families and protesting at their funerals with hateful messages and, in response, the military members — known to liberals as right-wing, deranged, baby-killing terrorists suffering from PTSD who could snap at any moment — react with non-violence.

Yet, a similar nutjob religious group can stay on their own church property and burn Korans, and the “religion of peace” members react with riots, protests and threats of violence, murder and fatwas.

Seems to me that the baby-killing, psychopathic nutjobs belong to Islam and the true “religion of peace” is the United States Military.

Yet, our political leaders are more outraged over Muslims getting their wittle feewings hoited, than they are when those same Muslims mass murder our military members on their own base in the heart of Texas.

September 8, 2010 , 10:33PM - Posted by | Dhimmitude, Islam, Muslims, Sharia Law

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