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I Scream, You Scream, Even GTMO Terrorists Scream for Ice Scream

Via Jonn Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell: Abusing detainees at Guantanamo; the horror, the horror

Yes, that’s right, the only thing this reporter could find to complain about is that detainees only get one ice cream each.

The ice cream rationing has now led the journalist to question Guantanamo Bay’s motives, suspecting that it might be an attempt to reduce spending.

Next thing you know, they won’t be allowed sprinkles or gummy bears on their single serving of ice cream.

Doug Powers at Michele Malkin’s place writes:

When the jack-booted era of Bush/Cheney came to a close I thought such human rights nightmares had ended, but apparently this kind of thing is still allowed in a so-called civilized society. Let’s just call it what it really is: Dairyboarding!

The Jawa Report has a picture of the actual sign on the refrigerator which proves the crime against humanity.

Okay, I’m convinced now. Prior to reading this article, I thought America was a great country. But now, after reading about how we’re denying Islamic terrorists more than one ice cream… G*D DAMN, AMERICA!!! Thank you, MF-ing media, for making me see the light about how EEEEVIL and HORRIBLE is America and our baby-killing, terrorist-torturing military.

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I wonder if they have a “scoop Nazi” at GTMO. “No scoop for you! NEXT!”

September 27, 2010 , 11:40AM - Posted by | Media Bias, Military

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