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The Difference Between Tolerance and Acceptance

Good comment left at this post at HotAir:

Just another case of someone not understanding the difference between the word “tolerance” and the word “acceptance”.

What they get is tolerance. What they crave is acceptance. They really don’t have a set in stone right to either, but at least they can make a claim as to the moral right of tolerance.

But that’s not good enough – they want “gay marriage” and the repeal of DADT because they want to force other people to accept their life choices. I don’t know if this springs from a fundamental insecurity about the way they feel or something else. To put it in other words, have you ever met a militant anti-smoker who used to actually be a smoker? What they’ve done is internalized the idea that the activity itself was bad, not their decision to engage in it. So they attack the activity as evil and put all of their focus on attacking the activity instead of the choice. A lot of these activists chose to stay in the closet due to social/familial/cultural pressures, and when they come out they immediately begin attacking the activity of staying in the closet. Their goal is to strip that choice away from everyone else by convincing them that it’s wrong/evil/unacceptable. The way for them to do this is to *force* everyone else to accept their choices, which in a free society is not something that should happen.

Most people tolerate gays and gayness. I think most people believe that they are born that way; I count myself among them and personnaly believe that there are probably several recessive genetic factors, which triggered under the right environmental conditions, cause people to be gay. I can tolerate that. But I don’t have to accept it, and it’s fundamentally wrong for anyone else to demand *with the force of law* that I do so.

flashoverride on October 14, 2010 at 10:35 PM

I think this is really a good summation of the current atmosphere in America regarding homosexuals. Most people are now tolerant of homosexuals. The general attitude is ‘live and let live’. However, that’s now not good enough for the GLBT movement. They want more. They want acceptance. And if they can’t get it through persuasion, they want it through government mandate. Which ends up hurting their cause, as most people will neither accept nor tolerate being told how they should feel on an issue.


October 14, 2010 , 10:37PM - Posted by | GLBT Movement, Homosexual Movement

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