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The list of [Alleged] Angry, Violent Liberals Grows Longer

Good comment left in response to this story at Big Hollywood: Palin Derangement Syndrome: Bristol’s ‘DWTS’ Success Drives Man to Shotgun TV


The list of [alleged] angry, violent libs grows longer:

11/16/10 – fired shotgun into television and engaged in standoff with police: Steven Cowan accused (hated Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars)
09/09/10 – Philadelphia Kraft factory shooting killed 2, injured 1: Yvonne Hiller accused (angry about Ground Zero Mosque protesters and call for Koran burning)
09/01/10 – Hostage standoff at Discovery Channel: James Jay Lee accused (angry about lack of “Climate Change” programming)
08/25/10 – stabbing of Manhattan cab driver for being Muslim: Michael Enright accused (Ground Zero Mosque supporter [likely attempting a “false flag” attack])
03/04/10 – shooting of two pentagon police officers: John Patrick Bedell accused (9/11 truther, anti-Bush obsession)
02/18/10 – Austin IRS plane crash guy: Joseph Stack accused (angry about healthcare not being passed, anti-Bush obsession)
02/13/10 – University of Alabama shooter: Amy Bishop accused (reportedly: “obsessed with President Obama to the point of being off-putting”)
11/05/09 – lone gunman at Fort Hood leaves 13 dead, 30 injured: Major Nidal Hasan accused (anti-war obsession)
06/10/09 – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter: James von Brunn accused (anti-semitic, 9/11 truther, anti-Bush obsession)

The left might not want to claim them. But these folks are definitely not right-wingers. Still, the right is repeatedly accused by the left of violent rhetoric and hate-speech.

Think there might be some “projection” going on?

Other than the guy who murdered partial birth abortion doctor George Tiller (an action which all pro-lifers on the ‘Right’ immediately came out 100% against), the ‘Right’ has not been committing any crimes over the past 10 years. It has been the unhinged liberals… continuing the great tradition of our President’s best buddy, domestic terrorist William Ayers.

We can also add to this list:

06/01/2009Murder of military recruiter William Long (Muslim convert).

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