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10 Reasons to Oppose the DREAM (Amnesty) Act

Put together by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) [found via DrewM at AoSHQ]:

* The DREAM Act Is NOT Limited to Children — Applicants can be up to the age of 29

* The DREAM Act Will Be Funded On the Backs Of Hard Working, Law-Abiding Americans — CBO failed to assess costs for education, increased levels of unemployment due to the addition of workers to the workforce, and increases in potential applicants because of loopholes.

* The DREAM Act PROVIDES SAFE HARBOR FOR ANY ALIEN, Including Criminals, From Being Removed or Deported If They Simply Submit An Application — Burden of proving inaccurate information on a DREAM Act application is on the Department of Homeland Security.

* Certain Inadmissible Aliens, including those from high-risk regions, Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DREAM Act

* Certain Criminal Aliens — including drunk drivers — Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DREAM Act — The DREAM Act allows applicants be convicted of 1 felony or up to 3 misdemeanors.

* Conservative Estimates Suggest That At Least 1.3 Million Illegal Aliens Will Be Eligible For the DREAM Act Amnesty. In Reality, We Have No Idea How Many Illegal Aliens Will Apply

* The DREAM Act Does Not Require That An Illegal Alien Finish Any Type of Degree (Vocational, Two-Year, or Bachelor’s Degree) As A Condition of Amnesty — The applicant only has to complete the equivalent of two years of college.

* The DREAM Act Does Not Require That an Illegal Alien Complete Military Service As A Condition For Amnesty, and There Is already A Legal Process In Place For Illegal Aliens to Obtain U.S. Citizenship Through Military Service

* Despite Their Current Illegal Status, DREAM Act Aliens Will Be Given All The Rights That Legal Immigrants Receive — Including The Legal Right To Sponsor Their Parents and Extended Family Members For Immigration

* Current Illegal Aliens Will Get Federal Student Loans, Federal Work Study Programs, and Other Forms of Federal Financial Aid

This bill is absolutely despicable. In a time when unemployment for American citizens is >10%, the Democrat Party — along with RINOs and DIABLOs — is looking to flood that already flooded pool with illegal aliens, who will add even more ridiculous competition for American citizens looking for work. This bill is a big fat middle finger to the entire American workforce and the entire pool of unemployed citizens looking for work.


December 18, 2010 , 12:16PM - Posted by | Amnesty, Democrats, Illegal Immigration, Liberalism


  1. bullshit, theres no way you can obtain citizenship through the military anymore, and dream act applicants are no eligible to sponsor any of their family, oh btw all the finacial aids, they’re all loans, which means by term they will have to pay us back. At least make some freaking sense when you start talking, specially a blogger like you could mislead manys.

    Comment by noobs | December 18, 2010 , 12:27PM

    • You obviously have not read the DREAM Act legislation at all. Come back when you have… if you can actually read and comprehend.

      Comment by Michael in MI | December 18, 2010 , 12:28PM

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