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What Does ‘Serving Openly as a Homosexual’ Mean?

Good questions related to the impending repeal of DADT (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the Congressional law signed by former President Clinton banning homosexuals from serving openly in the US military) raised in the comments here: Showdown Day In The Senate For DADT And DREAM Act. — UPDATE: DREAM Act Cloture Vote Underway – Cloture FAILS 55-41. — UPDATE 2X: Repeal DADT Vote Underway — DADT Cloture Passes 63-33

438 Saw this on the Daily Caller:

What does “serving openly as a homosexual” mean?

Will the personal opinion on homosexuality of a service member become an impediment to promotion or assignment to key billets? Are there any assignments to which homosexuals must be or may not be assigned?

Will the Senate and the House Armed Services committees demand sexuality statistics to make certain that homosexuals are being promoted at the same rate as non-homosexuals? Will homosexuals be promoted at a faster rate to “compensate” for previous years of discrimination?

What benefits will same-sex “partners” receive? How long must one have a relationship to qualify as a partner? Will partners of homosexuals be assigned to on-base housing? Do former partners of active duty homosexuals retain dependent benefits (like a divorced spouse) when divorce is not a legal option?

Will homosexual service members be permitted to date each other? Live with each other as partners in bachelor officer quarters (BOQ) or bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQ)? How does this affect fraternization regulations?

Will homosexuals be deployed to countries where homosexuality is a crime? If not, who picks up the slack?

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