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Faking it is a Sign of Laziness and Insecurity

A-freaking-men to this:

Women faking it only hurts women. Most men are more than willing to keep at it until we get it right.

Faking it is a sign of laziness and insecurity. If women are gonna fake it they might as well buy a back massager.

Speak up. The time for shyness has passed once you are having sex. If the guy is an inch too far to the right, tell him so. Moaning like a wounded horse and thrashing around when you aren’t having any fun is just silly.

Posted by: sifty at February 26, 2011 02:53 PM

Exactly. And I’ve talked about this before and share the same opinion: Faking Orgasms?

I never said I faked it.

I’m right there with ya in the thinking.

I’m not going to work hard at faking it just so I can work hard at doing myself.

I’m just saying a lot of women think it is great to fake it. I always thought that it just guaranteed you crappy sex for the rest of your life.

Posted by: momma at February 26, 2011 02:59 PM

Bingo! on that last part. Want good sex? Then you better teach the men with whom you have sex what pleases you. “Faking it” does nothing but hurt the women who ‘fake it’. It just guarantees that not only will your current sex session be bad, but also the ones after that, since the guy thinks that what he is doing is pleasing you… when it actually isn’t. It is completely illogical.

Of course, that gets to the stereotype of women, in general, not being very logical beings…

February 26, 2011 , 3:41PM Posted by | Relationships, Sex | Comments Off on Faking it is a Sign of Laziness and Insecurity