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Liberalism is Not Dying, it is Only Gaining More Power and Influence

I added this comment to the discussion of this post at This Ain’t Hell: Is Janet Napolitano FOS?

The internet will kill Liberalism.

Laughing Wolf Says: Sadly, I doubt it. Progressiveism killed/supplanted classical liberalism in modern politics, and progressive thought will simply not accept any fact that contradicts it. Any such fact is simply a lie, or is from a source that can’t be accepted, or any other tactic that allows it to be dismissed. Nor is dismissal enough; rather, it must be discredited at all costs (‘Swiftboating’ being a good example).

Rational people of any and all stripes will get it. Your modern progressive never will, and will do anything at all to ensure as few others as possible will get that information or point.

I agree with Laughing Wolf. Naive Conservatives/Right-of-center ideologues have been saying since the days of Rathergate (fake TANG memos created by a major news outlet in order to deceive the American public in the effort to take down a sitting President) and the firing of CNN’s Eason Jordan (who admitted that CNN lied/covered up the truth about Saddam’s Iraq in order to maintain access to the country for ‘news’ purposes) that the MF-ing media is dying and alternative media and the internet would save us from the enemy within that calls itself the media. But that did not happen.

Instead, the MF-ing media — along with the ‘entertainment’ industry, public schools, universities and the Left-wing internet — simply gained even more power and influence to spread their lies.

These groups’ lies about the economy and war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan led to the Democrats taking power in Congress in 2006. Their continued lies led to the Democrats taking super-majorities in Congress in 2008. Their despicable lies and smears and utter destruction of Sarah Palin, combined with their lies and cover-up and over-the-top idol-worship of Barack Obama, succeeded in vaulting into power an Administration full of America-hating socialists, Marxists, anti-capitalists and advocates of the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America.

It has been 7 years since the MF-ing media deliberately made sh*t up to take down a sitting President. In those 7 years, instead of the public seeing the MF-ing media as the despicable, evil lying pieces of MF-ing shit that they are, they still believe all their lies.

Ask anyone whom they blame for the current state of the economy. Do they look back at the Bush Administration and GOP time in Congress, where we had record highs on Wall Street and low unemployment in the 5% range, and understand that the deficit spending that the GOP did was on all the things that liberals wanted (education, health care, etc)? Do they look back and understand that the Democrats were against the GOP spending not because it was too high, but because it was too low? Do they look back and understand that the Bush Administration and GOP Congress were lowering the deficit from 2005-2006-2007? Do they understand that it was when the Democrats took over Congress in JAN 2007 that the economy started to tank? Do they understand that the Democrats were the ones to have spent us into oblivion?

Do they understand that the Bush Administration and the GOP were working since 2001 to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as they realized that it was not sustainable, and were trying to avoid a housing market crash? Do they understand that it was the Democrats — including ACORN and Barack Obama — led by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank who blocked the GOP’s efforts to prevent the crisis by demonizing them as racists and scare-mongers?

Do they understand that the GOP has been proposing healthcare alternatives for years, only to be blocked by the Democrats? Do they understand that the Democrats have been blocking domestic oil drilling for decades, yet opening up drilling to any and all foreign countries, all the while whining that we are too dependent on “foreign oil”?

No, they don’t understand any of that. Ask your average American about all this and the majority of them put all the blame on the Bush Administration and the GOP and have nothing but praise and idol-worship of the Democrats and Obama.

It’s absolutely fothermucking ridiculous.

But that is how little power the internet has compared to decades-long indoctrination by ‘progressives’ in public schools, universities, the ‘entertainment’ industry (TV, movies, songs, ‘celebrity’ activism, etc) and the MF-ing media.

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