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How has Anyone Ever Bought into the Lie that the Left is Pro-Women?

From a comment left on a blog I was reading recently:

#33 cajun2, I have never
Submitted by Liberallies on Fri, 02/04/2011 – 3:17pm.


I have never understood how anyone has ever bought into the lie that the Left is pro-women.

The Left constantly pushes for legalizing prostitution — Men using women as sex objects.

The Left worships pornography — The vast majority of porn watchers are men. Porn shows women being used by men.

The Left loves abortions — Great way for men never to have to take responsability for infidelity, pedophilia, etc. Girls are aborted at a much higher rate than boy babies.

The Left has embraced Islam — Islam hates women.

The Left constantly embraces shows, like Glee, which [trivialize] women and portray women as mere sexual objects for the pleasure of others.

So, can anyone please tell me how Left wingers care about women? Since the feminist revolution of the 1960s, women have lost more than they have gain[ed]!


April 7, 2011 , 6:22PM - Posted by | Feminism, Liberalism

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  1. I also never like that republicans are the only ones scrutinized for harming women’s rights. I suspect if you looked hard enough you could find democratic politicians that just as badly erode women’s freedoms. A patriarchal society is not perpetrated by just one side of the political spectrum.

    Comment by kit10phish | April 7, 2011 , 8:21PM

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