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I No Longer Believe in Engaging with Liberals, Because they Can’t be Engaged With

Wow. This comment pretty much describes to a TEE the few conversations on politics I have had at work. And I have come to the same conclusion as this person: there is just no engaging with liberals anymore. They are just so far gone in their delusions, they are beyond help.


You wasted how many words and how much of our time on this? Because you’re late to the party if you just figured this all out. THEY THINK WE’RE EVIL, AND THEY HAVE THOUGHT THAT WAY FOR SOME TIME.

About a year a ago, I was sitting and talking with a co-worker and of course politics came up (these people ALWAYS turn to politics, it has to be injected into every single area of life) and I mentioned I was a Republican, and he literally goggled at me.

“I’ve never met anyone who was a Republican before” he said. A 36 yr old man said that. The suggestion I made that he was ill-served hanging around in his little bubble, and maybe it would do him well to actually go out and meet people with different viewpoints simply bounced off of him. Then the conversation to Reagan.

“You liked him? But he was evil!”

I just looked at him for a minute. Then I pointed out some names: Hitler. Stalin. Castro. Chavez. Bin Laden. THOSE guys are evil. And you’re putting Reagan in there? For what? Well, lots of hemming and hawing, and no looking me in the eye either, but he didn’t back off either.

So you see what we are up against.

Another idiot at my job, someone mentioned Palin (because we were discussing baseball and of course, politics must pervade EVERY SINGLE AREA OF LIFE for these people) and some woman just explodes “Oh, I hate Palin! She’s just like the Gestapo.” I just snapped on her. “The Gestapo? The f**king Gestapo? Tell me you stupid a**hole, how many Jews did Palin load onto boxcars to go to the deathcamps? How many women and children did Palin have a hand in murdering? How much genocide did she commit?”

And of course, I was the bad guy, because I yelled at this obviously well-intentioned and intelligent woman, and I called her a naughty name, and I dared to throw her stupid cow-like assumption in her face.

I no longer speak with people at my office unless it is work-related or the most tapioca of subjects. The minute the talk shifts away from sports or television, I walk away.

I no longer believe in engaging with these people. Because they can’t be engaged with. The only way to engage with them is through violence. And I don’t feel like going to jail.

Posted by: Trump at April 23, 2011 04:05 PM

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