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Obama: Living in Mexico is Worse than Death

That’s the takeaway from President Putt-Putt’s recent speech on his desire for Amnesty: Obama: “That fence is now basically complete; They’ll never be satisfied.”

Bryan Preston sums it up nicely (emphasis added):

As predicted, the president spoke in El Paso, Texas today, where he conflated legal and illegal immigration, pushed for the DREAM Act, and showed his longstanding contempt for the rule of law as regards our immigration system. President Obama knows the DREAM Act is dead in the water, as is the overall push for “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is code for amnesty. Everyone knows all this, and everyone knows the policy is going to go nowhere for the remainder of Obama’s term.

He is pushing this issue now purely for politics. He is playing Hispanic voters for suckers while the national economy melts down, the way Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. He has played them for suckers throughout his presidency.

Another astute observation from Mr. Preston:

Perhaps the worst line in the president’s speech came when, in pushing for the DREAM Act, called for the US to “stop punishing children for the sins of their parents.” He is referring to parents who travel to the US illegally, bringing their children with them. But for the most pro-abortion president in American history to utter that line, and not realize how it boomerangs back on his own stance favoring partial birth abortion, is repugnant. This president seems to have little moral sense about him.

Yes indeed. And if I remember correctly, the babies themselves are “punishments.”

So, apparently Obama believes it is a-okay to punish children with death for the sins of their parents when it comes to abortion, but sending kids off to Mexico with their parents for the sins of their parents is beyond the pale.

What an evil prick.

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