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Feminism: The Masculinization of Women Coupled with the Simultaneous Feminization of Men

Yep, that pretty much sums up feminism in all its glory:

Ironically, feminism has always been about the masculinization of women coupled with the simultaneous feminization of men. How does a girl acting like a boy serve the cause of feminism? Because secretly it is about the coveting of power by feminists. They do not want to celebrate femininity; rather, they want to deprive men of their perceived power by taking it for themselves. Society is a lot worse off because of that.

The same is true about sexual attitudes. Instead of women serving as a counter-balance to the sometimes boorish behavior of men, feminism encourages women to act in just as boorish a manner, if not more so.


June 25, 2011 , 12:10PM - Posted by | Feminism

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