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Women are Irrational and Emotional

So the conventional wisdom is that men don’t understand women. Well, I think most men understand women quite well. We understand that the majority of women are completely irrational and emotional in their behavior. As the infamous scene from As Good As Gets goes:

Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

And that’s pretty much what seems to be the difference between men and women:  men are logical thinkers driven mostly by reason, while women are illogical thinkers driven mostly by emotion.

Case in point is something about women that has annoyed me since college. I’ve been told numerous times in my life by various women that they like men who are “mysterious”. Which basically translates to… a man who is a handsome-looking “bad boy” who doesn’t communicate and doesn’t express emotion or feeling. Yet, at the same time, ask women what they want in a man and they’ll inevitably state they want a man who’s romantic and caring and can express his emotions and who will be their best friend (ie someone to whom they can talk and with whom they can communicate).

Now, men can immediately read this and understand that these are two completely contradictory things. But, of course, girls/women don’t seem to understand that about themselves. They don’t see any contradiction whatsoever in stating what they want is a man who is open and emotional and communicative and yet what they actually go after is a man of “mystery” (ie no communication or emotion).

So what ends up happening is girls will date the “mysterious” “bad boy” and probably marry him. Then, inevitably, they get disappointed that their “mysterious” non-feeling, non-communicative “bad boy” doesn’t magically turn into the romantic best friend of their dreams after they’re married.

Why on earth women do this, I have no idea. If you want something, it is usually a good idea to actually, I don’t know, go after what you want… instead of choosing the exact opposite of what you want and then becoming disappointed and blaming of the guy you chose for not being the man you wanted.

I have run into this sort of girl/woman all the time. She’ll state to me how she wants a certain type of man, yet she’ll turn around and date the exact opposite of that type of man. This has been especially frustrating for me, because I have always been that type of guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve (emotional and feeling) and always seems to be too open and honest to a fault (communicative). (I actually had a good female friend in college tell me that I need to “be more mysterious” and not so open.)  Yet, what happens is that girls/women keep guys like me around only as friends… to bitch to about the men of “mystery” they date/marry.

I just shake my head anymore. Ironically enough, if women were more logical with their choices of men, they would have their emotional, romantic and communicative needs filled much more. But, as Melvin Udall stated, women don’t use reason. And, of course, lack of accountability comes into play when women decide that the reason for their relationship troubles is not their own decisions, but rather “men suck”.

Uh huh. Sure. Men understand women just fine. The problem is that women don’t understand themselves.

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I Don’t Want to be Me Anymore

You know, I am really getting annoyed with God.

Each day I hate that He made me the person and man that I am. Each day I have more and more examples of people and girls — especially girls — who seem to be repulsed by me.

Yet, if OTHER people do things that I do, or act the way I do, or say things I do or perform on the field as I do, people, and especially girls, give them plenty of attention. But me… nothing. Cold shoulder. I’m getting fed up with this.

I wish I could just flip a switch and turn off everything about myself that makes me… me. Turn off all my emotions, all my feelings, all my passion. I don’t want to feel ever again.

If I can’t feel, then I won’t care. If I don’t care, then I won’t feel all this pain inside every time I’m rejected or ignored or shunned for being… me.

I don’t want to be me anymore…

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