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You know, I tire of the superficial definitions society throws out there for “what makes a man”. Such as “the clothes make the man” or “the watch makes the man” or “the shoes make the man” or “the (alcoholic drink) makes the man” or “you become a man” when you have sex.

None of that superficial nonsense has anything to do with “being a man”.

Your character makes you a man. Your integrity makes you a man. Treating others — especially women — with respect makes you a man. Taking personal responsibility for your actions makes you a man. Dealing with success with humility and dealing with failure with maturity and resilience makes you a man.

Manhood comes from within.

October 20, 2012 , 11:29PM - Posted by | Life | ,

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  1. Character and integrity are what makes a man. We may disagree on other issues, but this post is utterly spot on, and I’m going to link it on my site.

    Comment by Constitutional Insurgent | October 26, 2012 , 5:36AM

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