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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Clooney Bird

So it occurs to me that since George “I heart refugees” Clooney and family are moving to Los Angeles, this leaves their mansions in the UK and Italy completely available to house at least 80 “refugees”.

Considering each mansion likely has about 10 bedrooms and you can probably comfortably sleep 4 “refugees” per bedroom, this means that George “I heart refugees” Clooney can personally take in 10 bedrooms X 4 “refugees” per room X 2 mansions = 80 refugees between his two mansions.

Now let’s expand that to all the celebrities out there who have either been activists for “refugees” or activists against the travel ban.

Let’s say there are 100 such ‘celebrities’. 100 X 40 = 4000 “refugees” that could be taken in by pro-“refugee” ‘celebrities’.

Better yet, Syria is surrounded by Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Wouldn’t it be easier to just ‘immigrate’ to those countries?

Well, how many billions of dollars are all these ‘celebrities’ worth? George Clooney alone is worth $500mil. Well, the cost of living in all these Islamic countries is extremely low. Which means they can stretch a little amount of money very, very far.

So let’s say each ‘celebrity’ ‘adopts’ 100 “refugees”. And gives each of them $10,000 to ‘immigrate’ to one of the surrounding Islamic countries. $10k X 100 = $1mil.
Giving $1mil for George $500mil net worth Clooney is the equivalent of someone earning $100k giving $200. SURELY George “I heart refugees” Clooney can afford the equivalent of an average person giving $200 to change the lives of 100 “refugees”?

Not to mention, all the other “I heart refugees” loudmouth ‘celebrity’ activists.

So, what say you, Clooney bird? Put your money and your mansions where your mouth is.

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