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Virtue-Signaling Idiots

NOTE:  This is an anecdote from last year, but it still holds true today…

So I have MLB Network on and they have the CLEvsBAL game on. Orioles players are wearing jerseys with green lettering to “celebrate ‘Earth Day'”.

Celebrating a day co-founded by a convicted murderer. Brilliant.

That aside, if “the environment” was in such danger as the environazis claim, they would be banning professional sports in their current form altogether, instead of paying stupid tribute to a worthless day in the form of wearing green-colored clothing.

Think about all the supposed earth-killing that goes on in just ONE MLB sporting event.

Camden Yards seating capacity is about 45,000. The average attendance for the Orioles in 2017 was about 20,000. Now, not every single person in attendance drove to the game and not everyone who drove to the game came alone. So for the sake of this argument, let’s assume that there is 1 vehicle for every 4 people in attendance. So 20,000 / 4 = 5,000 vehicles driven to the game.

So that’s 5,000 pollution-spewing, earth-killing machines — as the environazis would tell you — out in force for one game. Driving to the park and then back home again.

Now multiply that by 81 home games. That is the so-called earth-killing pollution from just the fans attending MLB games. In just one city in the country.

But I’m not done.

Think of all the pollution and energy used by Camden Yards. For lighting all over the park, for food vendors all over the park, for all the fancy scoreboards and special lighting all over the park. And none of that is done for the players. It’s all for the fans who drove the earth-killing vehicles to an energy-guzzling, earth-killing baseball stadium, to sit for 2-3 hours watching a baseball game.

All the players need is what you have at your average baseball or softball diamonds at your local park or high school. Just something to keep track of the score and the number of outs. That’s it.

Allllllllll the rest of the earth-killing, energy-wasting lights and scoreboards and such are solely to entertain the fans.

But I’m not done.

Think of all the pollution and energy used by the bars and restaurants around the MLB stadiums. The energy needed for all the lights, all the stoves and refrigerators, etc. And all those people in the bars and restaurants? They came in energy-guzzling, earth-killing vehicles in addition to those who attend the games in the ballparks.

All of this is going on in every MLB city where a MLB game is being played. 81 times per year, per city. Of course, then there are the playoffs…

If environazis — and anyone who truly takes “Earth Day” seriously — really were serious about “saving the planet”, they would endorse eliminating fans at all sports ballparks, stadiums and arenas in every professional sport.

In this age of technology, there is no reason to leave the house and risk killing the planet with unnecessary excesses at sporting events. Everyone has the opportunity to see all games on TV. No driving earth-killing vehicles, no excesses in lights and food and special scoreboards at ballparks, stadiums and arena.

The earth is saved!

But hey, I’m sure wearing green-colored clothing works just as well… 🤨🙄


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